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April Morgan: January 2013

The cars on the parallel highway A3 seem to be when the ICE pace with 305 rushes past them. This is now everyday on the so-called high-speed line between Frankfurt and Cologne. Not everyday is the train, which the German railway has set Tuesday morning between the two cities on the track. It is one of the first models of the new ICE 3 The web has been invited to a presentation ride, and the two competent project manager of the railway company and the manufacturer Siemens posing before departure at the Zugspitze proudly in front of dozens of cameras with a symbolic key handover. It seems like they had a Wackerstein off my mind.

Since then, the trains are traveling, but the great bell tolled the parties until Tuesday. In the large media entourage went to Cologne, and shortly after the departure in Frankfurt can train manager Andreas Busemann in a stuttering to a central achievement in the most modern train of Deutsche Bahn refer: Handles the seats. Which one would now use perhaps, he calls out to the journalists who stumble in front of him down the aisle. There are more details that identify the train as a new product: Small luggage racks, a so-called tactile guidance system for the visually impaired, ceiling monitors that display the next stop. And lush toilets. In the previous ICE models train drivers had to demonstrate skill in order to leave the village again can. Now they can look forward to a new sense of freedom. Otherwise, the same blue (second class) and gray seats (first class) which in the old ICE 3, and from the outside indicates only a slightly different design muzzle and a swept high roof to improve the aerodynamics of the new ICE 3.

The manager dress all in exuberant words. "Especially in service and comfort offered by the new ICE 3 our customers a real plus," says Andreas Busemann, Board Member for Production of long-distance transport division of DB. The head of the Siemens high-speed division at Siemens, Jürgen Wild, shows, meanwhile, humbly, "I thank the DB for the patience. "One thing you have finally learned from the delays: the future involve the regulatory authorities very early in the design process. Above all, one should demonstrate the tour – the harmony between business partners. Such embarrassment, there will be no second time.

An additional 17 Siemens train has already promised as compensation for the damage incurred. Nevertheless, negotiating further additional compensation. When an agreement is expected here, no one says. Siemens Mann Wilder speaks only of "constructive" talks. 25 to 35 million euro cost of such a train depending on the equipment. Whether Siemens after all the delays even still make money with it, Wilder would not answer directly in the metropolitan area of ​​the first class compartment. Just this: In the past two years, the parent division for transportation and logistics required to carry 360 million euros provisions. Alone in the financial year 2012/13 she made 448 million euro loss. And it hooks or elsewhere. The latest-generation ICE has not yet received approval for the neighboring countries of Belgium and France – let alone for the trip to London.

Anyway: On Tuesday, the presentation is largely smoothly. The train arrives on time in Cologne. Only on the way back to Frankfurt there is a small delay, but what are in the DB already six minutes? You must visit this to discover more about this interesting subject.

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