Migaud considers the situation of supplementary pensions ‘special concern ‘.

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Supplementary pensions for executives and employees Agirc and Arrco lie in a ‘worrying financial situation", said, Thursday, the first president of the Court of Auditors, Didier Migaud. And this, despite a driving passed more stringent than the general regime", he said during the presentation of the report of the Court on supplementary pensions (our December 16 editions). Indeed, the reserves of the two regimes are dwindling at speed great V, in particular those of the Agirc (frames) which will be dry as soon as 2018. Social partners, who manage these regimes, are aware of the issues and should be reflected in February to negotiate corrective measures in order to find more than 5 billion per year on horizon 2018. "All available levers must be studied, so delicate they may be," said Didier Migaud. Because if nothing is done, there is "a risk" that the pensions are reduced. The Court therefore list the ‘levers’ available to employers and trade unions, starting with a fusion of the Agirc and Arrco schemes. The second reserves being more provided that those of the first, it first would save time. The social partners must not exclude to postpone the retirement age retirement beyond the age 62 in force (in 2017) in the general scheme. ‘Exclude a priori the fact delay the retirements would limit the room for manoeuvre of the social partners’, argues the Court. "Social partners have fact themselves concern financial perspectives and the approximation of deadlines for the Agirc regime including", responded Thursday the plan managers, in a statement. During their preparatory work, "no question was evaded", they said. Among other studies, a simulation of the postponement of the retirement age was conducted at the request of the Medef. Another, at the request of the CGT, focused on an increase in contributions. G. G, Additional information can be inspected checking article.

The first Chilean fiction about Neruda is shown in the Pekinese Cervantes.

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Beijing, 18 Dec (EFE). -Chilean film Neruda, first tape of fiction that the Southern Cone country dedicated to his most immortal poet, was today in the Cervantes Institute of Beijing with the presence of its director, Manuel Basoalto. The tape, released in Chile in April, has a stage in the life of the poet who is little known, according to Basoalto which Neruda had to spend a year hidden from the authorities and ended up being forced to flee to Argentina across the Andes on horseback, between 1948 and 1949. It is the story of a persecuted poet but that even in these circumstances never leaves the craft of writing, Basoalto stressed at the presentation of the film. The director underlined the special honor which he supposes that the tape is displayed at the Instituto Cervantes, since Chilean Nobel Prize for literature had a great relationship with Spain and China, countries visited and those who wrote. Although Neruda is Chilean, it belongs to us all, said the filmmaker, who recalled that the poet visited China in 1951 and was very impressed by what he saw, the noise of its nature and of its people. In this sense, Jorge Heine recalled some memorable phrases that Neruda left written during his stay in China, like the one that claimed that Chinese children smile is the most beautiful harvest of rice which reels the crowd in the presentation of today. Heine emphasized that the year 2014 has been truffled acts of remembrance to the famous Chilean poet in Beijing, including the opening in November of a bust in his honor in a park in the Chinese capital, an act spearheaded by President Michelle Bachelet. Also held an exhibition of photographs of the writer, and a new edition in mandarin of his lyric poetry, with a circulation of 100 was launched in September. 000 copies. The Beijing Cervantes offers this week three Chilean films devoted to famous personalities who gave the South American country in the 20th century. Saturday will be screened Bombal (directed by Marcelo Ferrari and that tells the real story of the writer María Luisa Bombal), and violet, Andrés Wood, an adaptation of a novel about the singer and composer Violeta Parra. (Agencia EFE) Issues arts (general) Asian Chile film cone South Spain photography Michelle Bachelet Miguel de Cervantes Pablo Neruda Beijing poetry People’s Republic of China violet Parra. For additional about this topic click http://autopomoc.biz.

Impossible art in France of the budgetary forecast realistic.

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A brief history of the forecast of deficit 2015 of the France:-1 % a-4,1 % Fitch conducted Friday, December 12 at the degradation of AA + to AA of the note by the France, while the Agency maintained the rating AA + by the United Kingdom for example. In response to this information, the Ministry of finance and public accounts recalled having "recently revised downward the public deficit planned for 2015 (from 4.3% to 4.1% of GDP) and for the following years. This deficit reduction had actually been announced on December 3. It’s commendable relief, but it is useful to compare it to successive deficit forecasts: the France makes public and passes to Europe for two years of deficit forecasts 2015 under the Pact of stability and growth of 1997 (PSC) then the European budgetary Treaty of 2012. There as well as the deficit 2015 forecast rose from-1% to 4.1%, so the most recent deficit as a proportion of GDP forecast is simply four times higher than the original forecast made thirty months before. Fifteen years of traditions of budgetary sur-optimisme in this matter it has not specificities for the three Governments responsible for these forecasts (Fillon, Al-Shehri & Valls Governments): since the Stability Pact exists, there is almost ritualistic way overestimation significant and systematic growth of the French economy, which induced domino effect overestimation of government revenue and therefore the budgetary balance in overall rigid public spending in the short term. Since 1997, all forecasts indicate a return to fiscal balance that never occurs: this balanced budget is virtual because it constitutes a horizon fleeing that arguably only in the medium term as indicated in terse way in September 2014 the High Council of Public Finances: "the initial ambition of the previous acts of programming in terms of structural reorganization of public finances was not conducted. Trajectories of structural balance have been quickly and regularly revised in financial texts and subsequent stability programmes, well before the end of the Act of programming into force". Deficits: a long tradition of overstatement.Create infographics but the subject of budgetary implementation is at least as important as the forecast with regard to the credibility of the Government. Alas, the execution of the last budgets does not encourage optimism, with substantial gaps between the deficit projected in the budget law and the final balance. There is therefore a huge work of reconquest of budgetary credibility both with regard to public opinion as our European partners and our lenders. . Root data could be studied reading the following http://autopomoc.biz.

9 months old child killed, mother confesses: ‘ I drowned off».

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A 9-month baby in Italy with her mother, and a Russian compatriot,? disappeared from a hotel in Bordighera (Imperia) in the night of Wednesday? and Thursday?. In the evening the awful truth?:? was drowned off a beach in Sanremo by her own mother, the 40-year-old Muscovite Natalia Sotnikova, who feared to be suffering from schizophrenia, like her mother. The baby’s body, Semyon, no? yet been found. The woman? been subjected to detention, accused of murder, aggravated by cruelty?. From the rooms of the Prosecutor? been transferred by car to the women’s section of the prison of Imperia. To notice the disappearance of the little man, a friend of the woman, who was traveling with them: to 2 at night the woman, 40-year-old Natalia Sotnikova,? exit with Semyon from luxury Grand Hotel del Mare? climbing the luxurious Midnight Blue Bmw chartered in Geneva, has traveled about 20 km and? arrived on the cliff of Bussana. Upon his return, at 4, the baby was there? trace. The friend if n?? noticed, for?, only in the morning. She said at first he had left on the rocks, then have him thrown overboard. In the evening the confession?I have been I-said-L? I brought off to swimming, with the pouch, then l? I drowned?. Just realizing the incident the Sotnikova friend had complained to police, and searches were started in Bussana, a frazione of San Remo, in particular along the beach and the rocks of Cala degli Orsi. In action by police divers and firefighters, alerted the authority? in France, since the border of Ventimiglia do not? away and ocean currents, at that point, are very strong. The research of the little body of Semyon were interrupted with the arrival of darkness and will resume Friday? morning. At first the mother, born in proxy for questioning, had confirmed that he had traveled to Bussana with the child but, in shock, not to mention what happened after. Then he began to offer details, judged confused by investigators: before he threw the baby into the ocean, then it would leave on the rocks, then would enter into the water with him, which however he left off with the carrier. Sotnikova? been retained in power of Attorney for all afternoon, and then what? been transferred to Pontedecimo waiting of interrogation of validation. The cameras used as first instrument of investigation showed the woman go out into the night with the baby in her arms and re-enter without. The two Russians from a week staying in a suite with separate rooms, which prevented the friend immediately noticing the disappearance of Semyon. . You must click the following http://autopomoc.biz to learn more regarding this interesting subject.

PHOTOS. Transgender: These pictures before – after of transgender people illustrate the long road to gender confirmation surgery.

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Each time two portraits have r? alit? t? took the m? me day. Thus, persons photographi? es had not yet undergone surgical transformations (or they do? were not yet all? es at the end) between the front and the apr? s. The transition identity s? by? e of r? alit? physical, it is l? the purpose of the photographer. This FA? on, the title of the s? rie r? assign, brings an incisive and ironic. It has indeed highlight how a term also simplifi? and binary cannot m? not start me? d? describe the complexity? the path to confirmation of the kind. The current Cuba made major progr? s in the field of LGBT rights since the ann? es 1960. ? the? poque, many homosexuals? were envoy? s camps work, commissioned by Fidel Castro. M? me if things have well chang?, some pr? jug? s have skin lasts, and transgender people are struggling? have acc? s? a? education and? a work. Some of those who have to face? These forms of discrimination are turning to prostitution or drug trafficking, in order to escape. That is why, very often, the t? presentations, Visual or other around the status of transgender people? Cuba d? paint a? catastrophic state of play, and show the transgendered as marginal people. Photos of Gonzales combine a documentary aspect and po? tick to capture more than pr? s r? alit? current members of the community life? LGBT in a country which? evolved yet on the issue. One could almost say that we can measure changes in a country? through the fa? on which the minority? s sexual and gender are treated? d? clare? Mariette Pathy Allen about it, another photographer which? also int? ress? e? the life of transgender people. . For extended facts on this topic visit home page.

Torture: the CIA is accused of the worst brutality, inefficiency and lie.

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It also reveals the lies of the CIA to the general public, but also the Congress and the White House.   President Barack Obama immediately reacted by denouncing methods "contrary" to the values of the United States. As the boss of the CIA, John Brennan, he admitted that mistakes had been made but that extensive interrogations had led "to prevent attacks, to capture terrorists and save lives.   The report overwhelms the CIA and its "brutal" methods The US Senate Intelligence Committee unveiled Tuesday a more 500-page report on the secret detention and interrogation program by the CIA since the attacks of September 11, 2001.   And the conclusion is so relentless: the techniques used by the CIA under the Presidency of George W. Bush (2000-2008) "were not effective" and have been more brutal than what spy agency had acknowledged so far. "At no time enhanced CIA interrogation techniques allowed to gather information relating to imminent threats, such as information about hypothetical time bombs", says the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee, the Democrat Dianne Feinstein.  The report also accused the CIA of lying to the public, the Congress and the White House on the effectiveness of the program. "The CIA has used its interrogation techniques reinforced repeatedly for days and weeks", described in the report. The prisoners have been thrown against the walls, stripped, placed in bathroom glazed, prevented from sleeping for periods up to 180 hours, or 7 days in a row. The detainee Abu Ayman, Member of al-Qaeda, after simulations of drowning in rehearsal, "was outgoing foam from the mouth", quasi-inconscient. In total, 119 detainees were captured and imprisoned under this secret program of the CIA, in so-called ‘black’ sites, in other countries. One of these secret prisons is referred to as "Dungeon". Obama promises to never again use these methods. Since the publication of the report of the Senate, the president of the United States stated that "these techniques have greatly tarnished the reputation of America worldwide. Therefore, I will continue to use my authority as president to make sure that these methods do not recur (.) . . ") No nation is perfect, but one of the strengths of America is our willingness to openly confront our past", said Barack Obama in a statement.   The president recalled, however, that CIA officials have worked "tirelessly" since the attacks of September 11, 2001 to stop al-Qaida and hunt down Oussama Ben Laden. Last August, Barack Obama acknowledged for the first time that torture methods had been used by the Americans.   The boss of the CIA acknowledges mistakes. John Brennan admitted that the CIA had made mistakes by using torture as a method of interrogation, but stressed that this had allowed to prevent further attacks, after September 11, 2001.  According to the boss of the CIA, an internal investigation, conducted by the Agency itself, has highlighted that interrogations pushed against terrorism suspects had "helped recover information that helped to prevent attacks, to capture terrorists and save lives".   "As noted in the reply of the CIA to this report, we recognize that the detention and interrogation program had flaws and that the Agency has made mistakes.  The main problems intervened early and came from the fact that the Agency was not prepared and lacked the skills required to carry out a global program of detention and interrogation of suspects unprecedented, justified the CIA boss in a statement.   The Republicans talk about "rewriting of history." Several Republican officials denounced the report, calling it a supporter. It is even a "rewriting of historical events", according to a statement from Mitch McConnell, patron of Republican senators.   . You should read the following http://autopomoc.biz to learn extra on this great matter.

Rejected at school, tough in life.

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It seems that the percentage of boys and girls who, in Italy, dropping off prematurely the classroom every year both of 17.6%. It seems that the abandonment takes place especially during the first two years of high school and that, among the main reasons, there are failures. These are, at least, the conclusions reached a survey recently submitted to the Chamber of Deputies. That’s why, as stated in the document of Montecitorio, is important to a strong containment of pass or fail action. Promotions easier, then. To avoid what Raffaele Mantegazza, teacher at Università Bicocca di Milano, defines a real educational massacre. But is this really the only way to curb early school leaving?The problem is obviously very complex. How do you explain well Maan, it comes not only to rethink the orientation at the exit of the medium, but also to refocus after six or seven months, because situations evolve, and you can slowly to account for not having done the most appropriate choice. Not to mention the importance of the involvement of students and the ability to motivate them by teachers, as other experts emphasize. Knowing that many young people today can no longer make sense to study, they are afraid of not finding a job, and believe that certificates and diplomas, in life, does not serve a lot. In a context like this, for the sake of reject reject offers without a doubt a little. Indeed, it is a way to traumatize and push many children to drop out of the study. Is evidence! Needless to dispute it. But promoting all without resolving the question of motivation and involvement does not mean then remove every value to study, suggest that the commitment does not serve anything, make believe that everything in life is due? Even this unnecessary dispute it-is-evidence! That should perhaps lead us to reflect on the futility of automatic or easy solutions. Given that the task of the school is especially to accompany children to orientate themselves in the world, to acquire critical tools, to understand the meaning of their actions and to take responsibility for what they do. The school is not there or to punish or to mortify, of course. But it is there to teach that the efforts you make and effort that you put into what you do deserve to be recognized and rewarded. Amazing then the comment by Angela D’onghia, Undersecretary of education, when questioned about the relationship of Montecitorio, merely saying the biennium should be a period of inclusion, not a barrier. Because if it is true that, without the inclusion, not going anywhere, it is also true that one should speak well on the way to this inclusion. Include does not discriminate. Include diremotivare means all regardless of differences. Include means to teach in relation with alterity. Behind the opposition between inclusion and exclusion, there is the issue of participation and sharing, in order to create a society in which everyone can feel the protagonist of his story, and find a place to live without feeling or be marginalized. Then you may also want to promote all easily. But without forgetting that life does not promote just as easily. And that inclusion is something that goes beyond the promotion, simply because the task of inclusive school is also to help you understand how to resist in the face of failures of existence. Twitter: @MichelaMarzano. You should visit the following http://autopomoc.biz to discover more regarding this great topic.

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-Over the last 30 years, the gap between the richest and the poorest has never been so wide. Today, in Italy, the ratio between the average income of the 10% more in need of the population and the poorest 10% is 10 to 1. In the Oecd area is only slightly more balanced, at 9 and a half times. In the 1980s, to be understood, it was at a ratio of 7 to 1.  Things got worse with the economic crisis, which has not leveled the trend. A table attached to the Oecd report on inequality and growth, in fact, we see that in the precrises period (the mid-1980s to 2007/2008), compared to an average growth of disposable income of 0.8%, in Italy the richest 10% recorded a +1.1% and the poorest part of the population only a +0.2%. After the crisis, if the total of the population the annual loss was the 1.5% of income, the poorest have suffered a -3.9% and the richest have performed better with a -0.8%. This situation, denounced by the organisation in Paris, is not only the obvious failure of the idea of redistribution of wealth, i.e. a diagnosis which seems to confirm the thesis announced with great success by the Economist Thomas Piketty. The deep inequality of salaries is also a heavy ballast to economic growth. The OECD points out that the gap increases not only if you look at the ratio of wages as set out above. But it’s clear even using the Gini coefficient, a measure of inequality that ranges from zero-where everyone has the same income-one-where all the income goes to one person-. Well, in the OECD countries in the 1980s was at 0.29 coefficient and in 2011/2012 grew by three points, to 0.32. Medium-term growth has been severely compromised: the three-point increase in the coefficient, growing inequalities led over the last two decades, meaning a loss of 0.35% of Gdp per annum for 25 years. The cumulated growth seen so erode 8.5 percentage points. For Italy, the OECD calculation estimates that accentuated inequalities has ‘ snatched ‘ between six and seven percentage points of growth between 1990 and 2010. Italian GDP grew at that time of 8%, registering for one of the worst performances in the area. But he could run of 14.7%, outperforming the Spain and dynamism for approaching France, without the burden of inequality. Why this happens? The determining factor is the gap between the incomes of the poorest families and the rest of the population. According to economists in Paris, not only the last decile nuclei (i.e. the poorest 10%) to pay dear inequality, but the 40% of people further down the income scale. The policy, therefore, must think in a very ‘ wide ‘ to solve the problems of poverty and redistribution. Why are gratefully accepted the choices to focus on enhancing medium-low income, essential to the flow of consumption and then shooting. Exploring the link between inequality and impacts on growth, the OECD details that and thus hindering the growth of human capital. . For more insights on this matter click link.

Ukraine: entry into force expected of a truce in the East.

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This day of silence should coincide with the relaunch of the peace talks in Minsk, but uncertainty remained Monday evening on the date of the commencement of this meeting aimed to put an end to the conflict in the East of the country which has made more than 4. 300 dead in eight months according to the UN. The president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has invited the negotiators to meet Tuesday in the Belarusian capital, the rebels prefer a postponement until Friday. We are going to join the negotiations, but we want to be better prepared, told the AFP Andrei Pourguine, president of the Parliament of the DNR. A source in the entourage of the leader of the Republic self-proclaimed Donetsk, Alexandre Zakhartchenko, for its part indicated that the date of 9 was still topical, even if nothing is safe at the moment. Questioned by AFP, the press service of Poroshenko said Monday night did not have information about the date. These negotiations are intended to revive the peace process initiated early September in Minsk between the contact group made up of representatives of the Ukraine, the Russia and the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the rebels. Kiev however requests the annulment of the separatist elections which held on 2 November in territories under control of rebels, which will no doubt be one of the main sticking points. The Ukrainian president stressed Monday that these agreements would be the basis for a peaceful settlement of the conflict. He also called for a meeting of the contact group on the Ukraine as soon as possible to implement the new cease-fire. These peace initiatives, which are not the first, are however to be taken with caution, previous truces have failed. The rebels and the army have also already announced that they would not hesitate to respond if the other side did not respect the ceasefire. The fighting have also not lost in intensity during the weekend, causing the death of at least 11 civilians. For their part, the Ukrainian authorities announced a soldier was killed and nine wounded in 24 hours. -The IMF in Kiev Tuesday Рparallel to these efforts, the standoff between the Russia and the West is accentuated these days. German Chancellor Angela Merkel acknowledged Sunday Moscow cause difficulties to its neighbors, holding good the European policy of economic sanctions adopted against Moscow. The Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has for its part warned Monday Moscow, urging him to comply with the Minsk agreements or pay the price if necessary. Visit to Kyiv, the Canadian Minister of defence Rob Nicholson found that Westerners should continue to keep the pressure on the Russia so that it begins to respect the independence of the Ukraine. Russia, which denies any involvement in the conflict with its neighbour, is hit by sanctions that are straining its economy. Saturday, the french president Fran̤ois Holland had however tried, together with Angela Merkel, re-establish dialogue meeting Saturday in Moscow Vladimir Putin. First head west to visit Russia since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis, Mr. Hollande reminded his Russian counterpart that time was pressing and needed now results and not simple advances in the Ukrainian folder. The armed conflict in the East also dealt a blow to the economy of the Ukraine, already facing a deep crisis, with the fall of its currency and endemic corruption. A team from the international monetary Fund (IMF), main creditor of the Ukraine, must arrive in Kiev Tuesday to discuss with the new Government of the implementation of important economic restructuring efforts, passing through very unpopular measures such as an increase in the rates of energy and cut social spending. . For additional regarding this matter click fact.

Cancer of a docker recognized by the courts as occupational disease.

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Recognition of Mr. Chagnolleau cancer as occupational disease is a first in the profession of docker. It is a decision that will make jurisprudence, said Serge Doussin, president of the Association for the protection of health at work of the port trades. The applicant had initiated proceedings in 2007 with the primary insurance (CPAM) to Loire-Atlantique Fund to have recognized his cancer as occupational disease. After his death, his family had seized the Tass. It is still very complicated to recognize diseases that are not listed in the tables, stressed Me Véronique Aubry, the representative of the family of Mr Chagnolleau, who welcomed a legal step that could also allow to move the lines on other global port places. Now that there is a recognition, our concern is the health of dockers and [workers] port either preserved, insisted Mr Doussin, according to which an unusually high rate of cancer found among dockworkers at the port of Nantes Saint-Nazaire. The association had contributed to the record at the hearing a study in June 2014, including by doctors work and sociologists, which makes the link between toxic substances contained in the goods loaded and unloaded by dockers from the port of Nantes Saint-Nazaire, including grain treated with pesticides, or wood treated with fungicides, and pathology found in the personnel of the port. . You should read the following http://autopomoc.biz to learn more on this interesting matter.

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