Ebola case in New York: 21 day quarantine is mandatory.

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The first Ebola case in New York has led to quick consequences. New York and New Jersey increased the nationwide rules: who is assessed upon entry as a risk, must from now 21 days in quarantine. It is a kind of open vote of no confidence against the national regulations of the FDA CDC in the fight against Ebola. In the light of the first Ebola case in New York City States ruled New York and New Jersey from immediately a mandatory quarantine of 21 days for all Ebola helpers, who end up coming from West Africa at the airports in Newark or JFK in New York. So far, it is the recommendation to all Ebola volunteers returning in the United States to undergo a voluntary quarantine for 21 days. The first Ebola case in New York but taught the two States apparently better. The patient infected with Ebola, an American physician who had worked for doctors without borders in Guinea, was entered in New York and had moved ten days free in the densely populated metropolis. Yesterday, New Jersey for the first time applied the new arrangement. For a nurse travelled from West Africa a 21-day quarantine imposed promptly, as Governor Chris Christie: we now no longer rely on the national regulations. Now apply the orders of the States of New York and New Jersey. All passengers from West Africa must also undergo starting immediately an extended interview. Should airline passengers as a risk group be classified, because they may have had contact with Ebola patients, 21 days quarantine also applies in two States now. Who does not reside in the States, in which he can be quarantined, is housed for the time in public institutions. . Original source can be found reading this url.

Attacker is shot – marine soldier with axe go on police officers.

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After an axe attack on New York police officers, the authorities pursue a possible Islamist background. A man attacked a group of policemen in the US capital on Thursday and injured two officers before he was shot. The US company specialized in monitoring Islamist websites said site that the attacker had shown extremist tendencies in online comments. Four policemen posed Queens for a photographer in the district, when the man without warning went off with a hatchet on the group. An official was on the arm and injured another on the head been City Council told the New Yorker. The other two policemen had shot and killed the attacker. Thereby, a 29 year old passerby was accidentally were affected by a bullet in the back. The policeman wounded on the arm on Friday shortly before his release from the hospital, and the officials with serious head injuries was in life danger. In Canada, two suspected Islamists had committed attacks on military personnel this week. One drove two soldiers on Monday near the city of Montréal and injured one while of them fatal. The perpetrator was shot on the run. On Wednesday, a suspected Islamist killed a soldier from the War Memorial in the city of Ottawa and then stormed into the Parliament. There he was shot. There is no connection between the two cases according to Canadian authorities. . Additional info can be found visiting http://e0fc8f17e1417d503c60.com-datasets-online.eu.

Train drivers extend strike break and want to negotiate content.

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The many strikes have shown that no good atmosphere reigns between the locomotive driving Union GDL and Deutsche Bahn. But the climate at this point recently at least no further deteriorated – on the contrary: short ahead of the weekend the GDL announced their temporary strike break until Monday to extend a week. To facilitate "an introduction to the substantive negotiations for all GDL members at Deutsche Bahn", it will up to Sunday, 2nd November, give no strikes, told them. Much it actually indicated on Friday that GDL and train again soon at a negotiating table want to meet. There is no progress towards a solution to the fundamental conflict, however. Because this is the GDL require a stand-alone collective agreement for all its members, no matter what profession. But that would mean that within the Group about the train two different collective agreements should be regarded, as the larger Railway Union electronic ballast of there next tariff policy will. Rail and ballast strictly reject an uncoordinated juxtaposition of various contracts in a group. The latter sharpens her own profile in the conflict now increasingly after a period of restraint. Thus all the more shows the way still should be like. The EDC Chairman Alexander Kirchner expressed sharp criticism of GDL Chief Weselsky Friday. "Who claims to have majorities, but the transparency refuses, is implausible", Kirchner said. He founded to check this with the "refusal" of the GDL, the membership of the two unions in the contentious professions by a notary public. The GDL had explained this "unnecessary" because it is irrelevant for a solution. She call a collective agreement regardless of majority or minority for all their members in all occupational groups. The latest strike had some doubts about fed outside and within the GDL, whether Weselsky is at all interested in negotiations. The new conversation starts are likely to put into perspective for the time being this impression. A real approach should succeed but only if the railway can peace also between GDL and ECG. In a similar way a preliminary relaxation suggests in the dispute of the Lufthansa pilots: also if the dispute to their early retirement continues, no solution in sight, Union and company want to talk again. Dates were agreed, was there; they were not known at first but. It is important "that we get ever again in the conversation", the Trade Union cockpit said. Finally, there are a total of 15 issues of conflict. At the same time, the pilots were further strike-ready. . You should check the following http://e0fc8f17e1417d503c60.com-datasets-online.eu to learn more about this great subject.

Ultra runners Michael Wardian: Even if you’re at the North Pole, someone treated your chilblains.

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Wardian: Whenever you do things that are unpleasant for you, you will be competent. I walked around 170 marathons in my life. I was even fastest marathoner with a stroller, had set the record in a super hero costume – Spiderman – and ran marathons in two days together. Wardian: No. Skating has taught me: it’s okay to fail. It is important just as you do so. This is a question of life and death. Even if you’re at the North Pole, you can then go into a tent and someone treated your chilblains. In the worst case, you have to give up the race. Right, but to me it is important to make me aware of adverse circumstances and see how I react. This is what I like. I feel a certain uncertainty and they try to overcome. We live in a world so safe full harnesses and food controls – such controlled adventure but just fine. Wardian: I set high goals myself, because it’s too easy. It is always easier to say: I can’t do that. It is convenient to only do what man has ever made. I want to show people that you can have fun, even to move out of his comfort zone. You can do more than you think. I’m sure that everyone wears this fountain of inner strength in itself. And if you tap the map, you will be rewarded with a fantastic feeling. Fun on the run is the best Motivator: running & pleasure: ten steps to more fun in life. For extra on this matter visit blog.

The virtual child stana-pedophiles Sweetie condemns the first OGRE.

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You see this face? Luckily is a virtual girl. But led (thankfully) conviction of a paedophile. Yes, because his Sweetie-nickname-was created by the organization Terre des Hommes designed to identify pedophiles who use the Internet, the chat and webcams to lure young boys and girls. Now came the first conviction. An Australian man was found guilty because of her conversations had with Sweetie thrusts. It is a very important precedent, says Hans Guijt, Member of Terre des Hommes and the fathers of virtual girl.   Sweetie showed up in dozens of chat for what his image says: a child of nine years. A lure, thankfully, virtual that drew more than a thousand men from 72 countries. Some have been identified and arrested. The first conviction, against a man from Brisbane, is in some ways revolutionary. Because it does not take account of the fact that the bambiana, in fact, does not exist. The ruling says that the most important thing is to believe that it is a 9 years old girl. And this for Australian law enough.   . Extended text can be read clicking web site.

Herb reporters start: 60 euros for backstage meeting.

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They’re so. The herb reporter at the start go after months of crowd acquisition, of money collecting and optimizing technology. Rarely probably weighed as high pressure prior to the first release on a medium. About a year ago, the herb reporter had let announced ad-free quality journalism, extensive article, which, it was said were not possible in the mainstream-messages, because they are not currently enough or are not quickly produce. Depth rather than width promised not the topicality the herb reporter, and the quality to subordinate. This announcement was followed by a Crowdfunding financing, which managed only by a hair’s breadth, effusive thanks of the reporter, enthusiastic Twitter messages, and finally a period of silence – and working. Now, the curtain opens or, better, now the stage is released. Because the herb reporters are not entertainers, but NetWorker. That’s what herb reporter. de stands out. Visually, yet somewhat dull, grey and weathered yellow with pink accents, the page is a platform for journalists as members alike. The payment model is a variant of freemium, that is a part of the offer is provided free of charge, "exclusive content", however, are accessible only to members. Who supports the herb reporter with 60 Euro a year, can be accessed on the entire herb reporters offer, may participate in surveys and herb reporter events, submit suggestions and article commenting. You all tell a special story, open sight of new parts of the world, almost cinematically,: "on my way to the North seems now more ‘ old money’ against." Mothers hanging on their smartphones and not take care of themselves kabbelnden and always something to whiten ‘Barbour’ children-jackets. "" Christian Fahrbach, freelance journalist in New York, told in "A whole country on a street" by the life and the hustle and bustle of the Park Avenue: "’Wuuuunderbar, to see you again’, yells a medieval Lady with medium-sized white dog happily." Stefan Schulz, Freelancer of F. A. Z., takes the reader on a digital journey. In his text, which is a mixture of reportage and think piece to the Middle East conflict, the speaking persons listed via deep links to YouTube videos can viewed and part of be. Here is herb reporter. de really to an online magazine, that leverages the capabilities of the Web. The article is long, describes in detail, and is still currently not day currently, but relevant. And this is true of most of the posts. The articles are much longer than it otherwise, just on the net. The endless scrolling, which seamlessly fits together all articles, is also unusual. First the individual contributions in this flow seem to go down slightly. Not more so exposed, they look like text, clicking on, which appear in single view. Again, it is clear that the page rather sees itself as flexible fabric, as a "permanent beta", as the reporters themselves say. . For additional on this matter visit source.

Rakitic-Modric, Croatia motor in the classic of Spanish soccer.

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I have dreamed of this when I was little, but now I don’t dream it, now I want to live it. It is an important responsibility and I want to return that trust that the club and the fans have in me. It is not a dream to say that I am here and now. It is a dream to say that I am and that I’m now still. It has to be something that never ends, so I want to live it, do so and continue to do so, said a few days ago Rakitic in an interview with Gol Tv. They are players of another level and normal boys. The two I like. Rakitic has a good beating and Modric knows very well what to do before having the ball. I’ve learned a lot when I have been with them and I’m still doing it. They are spectacular players, he told EFE Sammir. . For extra facts about this topic visit link.

Rosetta target Comet perfume of the Comet: Tan smells like rotten eggs and horses urine.

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With the help of the Rosetta instruments Rosina found the scientists on the comets include hydrogen sulfide, which smells like rotten eggs, and ammonia, whose Geruch reminiscent of horse urine. In addition the weak, bitter almond-like aroma of hydrogen cyanide, also known as hydrocyanic acid. If then still alcohol in the form of methanol, complemented by the vinegar-like aroma of sulphur dioxide and a hint of sweet scent of sulphur, then makes all of this ‘Perfume’ of the Comet, said Kathrin Altwegg Rosina project manager. Rosetta reached its target Comet Tan on August 6, after more than ten years travel through the solar system. On November 12 the ESA spacecraft should settle their land unit of Philae on the comet. Accompanied by the mother probe Rosetta and Philae is approaching in the following months of on the sun tan. While the activity on the Comet by the warmth of the Sun will increase considerably. The instruments of Rosetta and Philae to record what happens exactly on the tail star. . You can check this http://e0fc8f17e1417d503c60.com-datasets-online.eu to discover extra on this great subject.

Berlusconi: «Yes to gay couples, but with the German model. “

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"The traditional family is the richness and the cornerstone of our country but even more so are the love, respect and dignity" and he added: "the person and the family are at the heart of our vision, we are fighting for the support of family, which is composed of a man and a woman, but we strive to respect the person in all its aspects and then individual civil rights and requires a change and we must make this effort to adapt to the reality that has changed. " "The establishment of the Department on civil liberties-said the ex-Knight represents a natural continuation of what we have done so far and also takes care of the rights of same-sex couples." Silvio Berlusconi wasted no opportunity to slip a JAB to the left: ‘ it is clear that with regard to civil rights need a change of pace, starting from the left, for which the rights have been living ‘ theme. . «Forza Italy has always been at the forefront of ‘ civil rights and their protection. "We certainly don’t find today» this matter underlined the strong leader Italy. . Main facts may be studied reading the following http://e0fc8f17e1417d503c60.com-datasets-online.eu.

Recruiter of the Islamic State in the interview: democracy is something for the unbeliever.

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Abu Sattar recruited fighters for the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS) in Turkey. He examines the attitude of prospective buyers who travel from many countries of the world in Turkey, and want to move from here in the holy war in the Iraq or Syria. Several IS trailers, have independently recommended him as an interlocutor. As someone who could best explain what the IS stand. For many, he was something of an ideological model. After some hesitation, Abu Sattar agrees to a meeting. He agreed a date and promises to call a place in time. But then he can burst the appointment, just a day later again to arrange a meeting, in the morning, in a public place. This time he actually shows up: a man with brown eyes behind frameless glasses. He looks confident and argumentative, ordered tea and slides during the conversation a prayer necklace with wooden beads through his hands. Abu Sattar: Is a Muslim who follow Allah laws without ifs and buts. The sharia is our law, it requires no interpretation and no man-made laws. Allah is the only legislature. We know that there are enough people, Islam embodies in Germany who feel the emptiness of the modern world and crave values. Who is against the Sharia, is not a Muslim. We talk to the people who come to us and check in conversations, they are as fixed in their faith. Abu Sattar: Democracy is something for the unbeliever. A true Muslim is not a Democrat because he is not interested in the opinion by majorities or minorities. Him want to know what Islam has to say. Moreover, democracy is an instrument of rule of the West and the opposite of Islam. Why pretend you democracy all over the world need? And with regard to homosexuality, which is clearly laid down in the Koran. It is therefore prohibited and to punish. Abu Sattar: (This time 4 Sura, verse 91 again recited in Arabic,) (the unbelievers – d. ed.) to learn, that you may disbelieve as they are unbelievers, and that you’re equal to them. Take but none of them to his friend, before they emigrated not in Allah’s way. And so they turn their backs, ergreifet them and strike them dead where you find them; and none of them take to the protector or helper. MIRROR ONLINE: Dodge, by answer the complex reality of religious verses. If you want to argue but necessarily so: In the Koran also says that there is no compulsion in religion. Elsewhere, is that you should not exceed the dimension, because God does not love the extravagant. What you do is boundless. Abu Sattar says under his supervision many dozen young men enrolled in the ranks of the IS. You will be strictly divided according to their countries of origin and would remain separate according to their origin later, during the training camps on Syrian territory. In Turkey, he stressed no training find different as will occasionally reported, instead. Battle-hardened men, be drawn, for example, in Chechnya or in Afghanistan during the war were particularly popular. . Related facts can be found reading reference.

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