If the Piper jarring the concertone becomes a brawl.

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Today’s theme that the news suggest me about Italy and Europe, but I can’t forget what is happening in the Gaza Strip, a historical drama that has been going on now for more than half a century, a killing that is not the solution and that the rest of the world has in fact ceased to deal with the necessary seriousness. I still remember the six-day war, one of the many episodes of the Middle East tragedy, fulminating that Israel defeat inflicted on Egypt, Jordan, Syria and the Palestinian movement then led by Arafat. There was a crisis within the Expressed and a bummer I can’t forget between the Group of Liberals who had political and cultural reference Ugo La Malfa, Arrigo Benedetti and Mario Pannunzio and me that then ran the express on the other. Liberals praised military force by Israel and Western civilization that the Jewish State was facing a hundred million Arabs. I wrote an article that caused the break with those old and faithful companions of ideas, entitled true friends of Israel. The thesis sustained by me was this: Israel had every right to exist, and to be defended, provided that in turn defended the Palestinians from harassment which they were subjected by various Arab tyrannies. The memory of the Holocaust was to inspire the Jewish State to prevent another genocide was perpetuated in their name and even from themselves. True friends of Israel should therefore urge him to take the opposite road. Only the Alliance between Jews and Palestinians and the establishment of a State that could represent them resolve this issue which had been poisoning the entire region of the Middle East. Times have changed greatly throughout the world since then, but the relationship between Jews and Palestinians remained the same: a purulent wound that doesn’t close and spread his poisons throughout the region. A disturbing element: among the great world powers that ought to be more interested in solving the problem and instead actually ignore it is Europe. Europe should be the main interlocutor of those two peoples and two States and connect them with a treaty that both involve them in the European Union. This is the only way forward to start ASAP and this should be true friends of Israel. We Italians and Europeans have however plagued by another issue that affects our economic survival and social: the negative performance of our income, our production, our occupation, of the separation between requests that we make to Europe and what Europe does to us. This theme is represented by one person: Matteo Renzi. Many friends-and also opponents-consider it with courage, intelligence and ability and quick summary; others on the contrary give the defects of excessive ambition and insufficient preparation. others finally recognize a currently irreplaceable leadership that can swing toward the good and evil according to people capable of exerting a positive influence on its decisions or negative; pose the problem of a party that should regain possession of itself and be able to affect only the leaders of which currently has. Let us not forget, in this landscape that serves to guide our judgments, that Renzi is and will be until the end of this year the EU President and the Secretary of the Democratic Party member of the European Socialist Party, the only one who had an unexpected mass of votes made it the winner of an election battle Solitaire in which little was voted and mediocre were the results of the other political groupings of democratic and pro-European feelings. Therefore: Matteo Renzi and his party, the relations with other European Governments, relations with the European Parliament in Strasbourg, with Juncker already elected President of the new Commission, with Germany which is the hegemon, with France, Spain and the other countries of southern Europe who have problems similar to ours. Finally the relationship with dragons and the ECB. It is not just stuff and Renzi has taken on that task with lena and enthusiasm, which is one of the traits of his character. For those who observe from the outside as a journalist and witness, the first problem is his party which, as such, has abruptly changed nature. After so many names, from the Bolognina di Occhetto onwards, the landing of Veltroni, the Democratic Party has undergone a significant change, unofficial but real: it’s called now renziano Democratic Party. There are but few protesters and divided between them. It lacks a management team whose leader is the expression but not the master. The lieutenants are numerous, young people, men and women, but none of them has a voice of its own, unless the Minister of economy, Pier Carlo Padoan, but that they knew and its role tends to shrink. Napolitano is right to state that there is no risk of authoritarianism; is good who is opposed to the quota system of the debate; does well who doesn’t want the filibuster. Is good who sees even put an end to Senate reform calendar: August 8, at the cost of not sleeping even on Sunday night. Are all fine but careful because with all these bans, sometimes called guillotine and other times leghold trap without having clear the difference between those two words inevitably reappears, authoritarianism. Again not because someone wants to but because they create the conditions. If you speak and decide only the head, where is democracy? Says Renzi: we talk about three years of these reforms. But those who spoke? And what reforms?The three Governments of presidential mountains, Letta, Renzi, some reforms have made and Parliament has approved. The times weren’t particularly long. the alleged Ballet between the room and the Senate that would be the wrong number one Italian democracy has not slowed the laws, we have already provided the figures. But now let’s have another extremely significant digit: 800 laws, approved by both Chambers during the three Governments mentioned above, have not yet entered into force. Think again: 800 laws passed by both houses are not implemented. Why? Why Miss the implementation regulations that should be studied and adopted by the Ministerial bureaucracy. 19th century laws. And then we talk about ballet between the two rooms, maybe, but not Ballet that involves Ministerial bureaucracy, largely in the hands of the State Council. He wants to abolish the Senate to streamline the legislature and allow it to become unicameral. But isn’t this the reason. If the bureaucracy is the one who is, will not decrease the unicameral state legislatures time even for a day. I still remember my last interview with Aldo Moro, fifteen days before his abduction. I explained why the Alliance between the Dc and the Pci of Berlinguer was inevitable: we must modernize and rebuild the State. Is still that of the historical right, then edited by fascism. It will take at least one full term, maybe not enough. When we have fulfilled this task, the two big parties will resume their seats and will take turns democratically. But not before and not just a few months to get a historical result of this nature. Maybe Renzi has never read that document. Perhaps, with major agreements and three months to Madia thinks of it. But in the meantime why not try to implement those laws 800 paralysed? Regarding traps and Guillotines: the President of the Senate has the power to abolish certain amendments clearly repetitive, but the procedure is extremely burdensome regulations. It would be worth to change and give fat (and Bam) the power to overrule amendments deliberately repetitive? Probably the 8,000 predicted it would reduce to a few hundred, and would work with the time it takes. But it really isn’t that Renzi wants to abolish the Senate. He wants to strengthen the Executive and minimize the legislature. It is true that there is a confirmatory referendum found but is, in fact, a stunt: the voters of the parties of the large cartels will vote en masse for the abolition of the Senate; won’t matter nothing of that reform. Try to put to a referendum a law to abolish the prolongation of working age or to increase the 80 euros to 100 and see the result. Renzi wants unicameralism, which will act as President of the Council and leader of the party. Berlusconi will do the same. So we will go forward until 2018. If riformassero status, but I’m afraid it’s the last of their thoughts. In Europe, however, things don’t go very well and Italy is watched with justified suspicion. Insistence on flexibility, but meanwhile the Gdp drops, the production drops, consumption drops, the birth rate falls. Should lower taxes, but what and how? They need money to invest and you want lower taxes? If anything should be taxed a lot more rich and lighten the poor. Pensions have touched, even pensions that exceed a certain ceiling. But they are trifles, there is tax evasion by NIP. There is much and much to do. Abolish the Senate does nothing and Europe does not concern at all. Draghi said what are the laws of reform to be implemented: competitiveness, productivity, increased employment, social equity basis. The repeats almost every day. Renzi did not regret, but he likes it. When will those reforms which, so to speak, the Spain continued and indeed is going better than us. The Spain has begun to grow, we no. Hopefully in the Cupboard. And in the Woods. And Pinotti. And in Mogherini. If the Piper sounds good, they will do a good choir, but if the Pied Piper, jarring the concertone will become a brawl. The danger is this. . You can visit this http://es.carbnitereviews.biz to read more about this interesting subject.

Tour de France: a Tour almost tailor-made considers Nibali.

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Relaxed, Vincenzo Nibali analyzed Saturday after the time – watch of Périgueux his Tour de France route almost tailor-made for me, according to the formula of the champion of Italy on the eve of winning for the first time. Q: what comparison is possible between your victory and that of Marco Pantani in 1998?A: it is difficult to make a comparison between Pantani and me. If I am not mistaken, he won his round in the last week. For me, it’s just the opposite. I took the yellow Jersey after two days. Q: what is very different from your success at the Vuelta and the Giro a: is the Vuelta (2010) which gave me the insurance fight on the Giro and the Tour. The Giro (2013) has been very important to the Italian audience, but the Tour is even more. Everyone viewing the Tour, it is stronger yet, it is more beautiful. And then, without devalue the Giro, the level is still high. Q: do you consciousness enter the story after so many champions?A: it is important to me but it is not only the tower. These champions have won other races. When I arrived for the first time on the Tour, my biggest emotion was to think of the Champs Elysées, the Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, french, Parisian public,. Q: what remains of the child who was cycling with her father?A: I still am when I have the opportunity, I’m going to see my parents. I’ll ride, walk, with my father, with other people. They remember me when I was little. Q: Italian cycling lives difficult times,. A: it is true. Unfortunately, I don’t feel that this is a problem of young riders of talents. It is rather related to the economic crisis, to the sponsors. I have lived it in my former teams. To take one example, my parents had two small shops that they had to consolidate into one. Q: you are going to win all three Grand tours. What is there to conquer?A: there are still races that I dream to win. The Tour of Lombardy, where I’ve never had much luck so far, the Championship of the world, Liège-Bastogne-Liège. These are races in which I tried to give my best but I am more at ease in the stage races. Q: after all the doping Affairs, the public wants to be convinced that you’re clean. What have you to say?A: I have a pleasure to tell my story, my roots, all the sacrifices I’ve made to get there. I am very proud. Q: Stefano Zanatta (his sporting Director at the time) said that in your first round, in 2008, you were sad, you doubt,. A: I was rather disappointed, I wanted at least the White Jersey. There has been much progress since then, controls, the biological passport. We see the results. If it had not been all these controls, I in perhaps will not be there today. Q: How do carateriseriez – you this Tour?A: spectacular, beautiful, very different from the previous ones I ran. He was almost tailor-made for me with already difficult climbs in the first week. Q: would you like year next be exposed to Froome, Contador, Quintana?A: of course. And even Wiggins, even if I have seen that he would rather concentrate on the track, but why not,. Q: what do you wear on your first part of season?A: it was difficult. The birth of my daughter has been a delight, it slowed my preparation, I arrived a little later at the venue but I continued to invest myself in the objective. For the rest of the season, I did not set my program. I will make in the next few days. Q: do you have a message to deliver at the end of this Tour?A: I have no specific message, the tower was tiring and it is still difficult to explain how I feel. I’ll probably find the words in some time and I will say to me: ‘ I really did everything I,. ‘ I understand perhaps better on the Champs Elysees. Collected press conference. Root data may be studied reading the following http://es.carbnitereviews.biz.

Headphones: Bose complaint against Beats.

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The American audio equipment manufacturer Bose filed a complaint against rival Beats, recently acquired by Apple, which he accused of infringement of patents of its noise reduction technology, according to a judicial document consulted Friday. Bose, which manufactures luxury audio helmets, accuses Beats Electronics of breaking 50 years of looking for a technology that offers a very good sound quality and a sharp reduction of ambient noise. The company says that its founder, Amar Bose engineer, had launched the basics of this technology in 1978 in a plane that brought back to Boston from Zurich. Bose accuses Beats of five violations of patents, according to the complaint filed in a court in Delaware (East). The company, which says that its sales have been affected by unfair competition from Beats, asked justice equivalent to the wrongs caused damages. It gives however no estimate on the lost sales. Bose also wants justice to issue an injunction to suspend sales of the two main products concerned in the world and the United States: the wired versions and Bluetooth headsets Beats Studio, accessories of fashion connected very popular stars. These are supposed to have an active noise reduction system, according to Beats Electronics. Bose offers since the 2000s, the helmets and equipped with a technology called QuietComfort headphones, supposed to significantly reduce noise in noisy areas such as public transit. It has updated this technology on several occasions: in 2003, 2006 and 2009. Bose also took the US (ITC) international trade Commission, according to his complaint. This judicial action may add an additional legal challenge to Apple, which already struggles with South Korean rival Samsung in several courts in the world. The Group of Cupertino (California) hope completed the acquisition for 3 billion dollars of Beats Electronics by end of September. . For additional facts about this subject check web site.

Harald Martenstein: about spooky online advertising.

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A track is weird the fact that each of my research now is reflected in the form of ads. I took for example, every now and then the gold price view looking to the last safe investment. Now I also extremely ugly gold jewelry offered on GMX by dubious companies gold. I have checked the credits, the next morning the debtor consultant Ananda Rachel wanted to get in touch with me. I wanted to write a column about the dating agency PARSHIP, until I figured that the time is economically related with PARSHIP and I better let the finger of the theme. Now I get advertising that prompts me to meet dream girls from Berlin. At first I was mad, I thought why PARSHIP? As Vollakademiker, I am more a case for ElitePartner. But I’ve never been on the side of ElitePartner. Or they know that I’m so down to earth as the type. Lately I get advertising for hearing aids. Quite often. It’s true, I hear no longer so good. But I’ve never checked in the Internet hearing aids. I never bought a listen – Advisor or the like with the credit card. You offer a hearing aid for my mobile me, exactly for my mobile phone brand. Never for another brand. Whence, damn it, do you know that? I’m not even talking about my hearing problem, that is much too intimate. I set the phone not from the Internet. Someone who knows me has posted in a mail Martenstein could slow times need a hearing aid? Main data can be studied clicking this http://es.carbnitereviews.biz.

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Rome, July 25. (Reuters Health)-aren’t all fish, but these days are almost all in the water. For a child to four swimming throughout the year, it is still the most popular sport. This was revealed in a survey carried out among children and adolescents in Italy to evaluate the quality and quantity of sports activities carried out during the year, in the age range from 5 to 14 years, shown at the Adnkronos health from Milan pediatrician, Italo Farnetani. Among children between 5 and 10 years, for males the most practiced sport is soccer, in that order (24.61%) swimming (22.11%, or 382.400 subjects); and basketball (18.69%) In the same age group females engage in swimming (26.10%, practiced by 427.000 subjects), gymnastics (25.22%) and volleyball (12.38%) Among adolescents of 11-14 years swimming settles firmly in first place: is practiced by 30.9% of males (357.000 subjects) and from 36.08% of females (394.000 subjects). For males the second sport remains football (21.56%) and third in basketball, chosen by 13.75%. Among females in second place are the artistic gymnastics, declining compared to the smaller girls (18.26%) and volleyball, which is costantly to 12.6%. This research explains the pediatrician-proves that swimming is the sport most practiced by young Italians, followed by team games for males, namely football and basketball, while females are firmly in second place artistic gymnastics and third volleyball. Interestingly, adds that Farnetani only two sports that are practiced in equal shares by males and females are swimming and, in winter, cross-country skiing. But what is the right age to learn? According to pediatrician three years before children play and get familiar with the water. Swimming does well even in winter-insists–and if is recommended for everyone, it is very useful for kids ‘ fragile ‘, those who have underdeveloped muscles, because it increases muscle strength, i.e. as the grandmothers ‘ strengthened ‘. It is less effective for obese children, because in water ‘ float ‘, so they move less, with less caloric expenditure, particularly important for them. . You must read the following page to read more regarding this great subject.

Argentina at the table with hedge funds, other black smoke. Kicillof: no to extortion.

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The Argentina still claims to want to treat and find a deal with hedge funds but says no to "extortion". It reaffirmed the Minister of economy of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, according to the news agency Bloomberg. Kicillof highlights that Argentina wants to honor its commitments and fulfil their obligations. However, there is a big problem as the delta de la Plata: the American judgment is impossible to enforce because if Buenos Aires pays hedge funds, according to the Minister, bond holders who joined the share Exchange will cause. With catastrophic effects already mangled finances of the Latin American country. «The Argentina pays its debts, is the judge who is blocking the funds to creditors», revealed Kicillof, calling into question the International Monetary Fund (IMF), according to him "worried". The New York Judge Thomas Griesa, according to the Chief of Cabinet Jorge Capitanich,, «is not showing good faith» because «disallowing» suspension of judgment, Griesa and hedge funds are trying to blow up the debt swap. The comments by the representatives of the Government of Buenos Aires come after this night there was another black smoke in the new session of talks with hedge funds on reimbursement of tango bond. Daniel Pollack, the special master appointed by the Court in New York to promote a deal, admitted at the end of the meeting that "the issues separating the parties continue so far without result." In a brief statement released after three hours of talks, the Ombudsman said that representatives from Buenos Aires refused to meet those of the hold out, i.e. bond holders who have not accepted the concambi of 2005 and 2010, to which the Latin American Country owes about 1.5 billion, pursuant to the judgment of judge Griesa, confirmed on appeal by the Supreme Court in Washington. Griesa has also determined that Argentina will not pay the holders of securities that have accepted the concambi until they arrive at an agreement with hedge funds, the funds ‘ buitre ‘ (Vulture) as they call them in Buenos Aires, thus blocking more than 500 million dollars deposited in the accounts of the Bank of New York Mellon at the Argentine Central Bank. If Argentina does not cover these payments later than 30 July will again be in default on its foreign debt. «Time to avoid a default-experienced Pollack-is very short, "in the hope that" there will be new meetings between the parties in the coming days. " . Additional info can be read visiting fact.

Delivery problems with adidas: when there is finally the 4-star jerseys?

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Sportscheck Nuremberg, 15 July, day two after the German national team’s brilliant World Cup victory: the branch of sports Trader had the privilege to be able to offer 400 of the coveted four star jerseys of the German team after its victory against Argentina. In no time, they were out of stock. Ten times of the amount could can get rid of the dealers on the day; for the proud price of 84.95 EUR for the adult and 64.95 euros for the kid’s Jersey. Our colleagues in the branch in Stuttgart were less well: they received just 50 units from the scarce allocations of football shirts produced by adidas. To 10 03 h – three minutes after opening the doors – they were gone. Some dealers will in the not even the three star Jersey with fourth star flocked have. Patience is currently in demand. Up down football fans are put off, by sellers in sports shops on mid-August sometimes even until the end of September, when the jerseys in homoeopathic doses delivered are again sold out in no time. Also the detour via the Internet is of little help. Because it takes just as long with the delivery. On the side of online adidas read promising little: "Coming soon." At sport check, it just means it could be sold multiples of, what was available. It is even more specific: "A nice six-figure number of jerseys can be delivered by mid-August", says Andreas Rudolf, Managing Director of the Dealers Association sport 2000. And if it goes after him, the agony of waiting will be in about three weeks passed: "Then the bulk of the trade will be served, what is a but remarkable performance by adidas." The sporting goods manufacturer, although he could still report a positive story, retains covered. It gradually would delivered the tranches of the made in China and flown in by plane from there jerseys throughout Germany. The production run up unabated, a spokeswoman said. The logistics is just part of the challenge. It a matter of Yes, to procure the materials or easy to install on the fourth star for their fourth World Cup title of the German team. So finally also the Golden FIFA emblem must be manufactured, that falls between the three stripes of adidas and the stars in the eye. It seems the company from the onslaught is even surprised. In the trade talk, that considerably more than 200 000 jerseys are sold in the next few weeks and the demand, could last until the Christmas business is. Klaus Jost, CEO of 1500 stores the largest European retail chain Intersport, remains more conservative: "I think it realistic that 150 000 to 200 000 can be sold jerseys." He admits: "With each passing day the euphoria from and thus the interest in buying unfortunately also automatically takes." Less the sports fans as rather the trade looks in his disposition also continue in the future. Next year, Jost said, come the New Jersey debut out for that will be sold as well. And in a few weeks, the next sensory overload begins for football enthusiasts: the Bundesliga season begins. The sales with the new uniforms of the Bundesliga clubs runs high. Currently, adidas but is under pressure to supply the trade. Daily, it is 5000 to 10 000 would be flown in jerseys. Do not pay the company commented. A company spokeswoman called the figures cited in the industry by 8000 connectors supplied in the first week after the World Cup and some 14 000 shirts this week as wrong. "At the moment, almost every distribution channel in the offer is considered", says Jost of head of Intersport. "It will calm down but in the coming months." The Board believed that at the end of about one-third of the 3000 sports stores in Germany will offer the four-star shirt. So far, two million shirts with three stars have been, sold of 1.3 to 1.4 million units domestically. During the biggest sporting event in the world, the sale has been fueled by the success of the German team. During the period, shirts over the counter trading had ordered in time went alone 600 000 to 700 000. Adidas is second-largest sport group behind the American competitor of Nike. With two billion euros, the Germans in the business with football boots, jerseys and footballs from Nike (1.7 billion euros) are but larger annual turnover. The fuss about the four star Jersey brings high attention and win big image. Economically the assault not paying off. The additional sales reached 15 to 17 million euro in total. Industry groups estimate that adidas about receives 35 euros per shirt, so just 7 million euros. That does not fall within the weight with a group turnover of 15 billion euros. Certainly not, this is reflected in the result. The jerseys come finally First-Class by plane to Germany. . Related facts can be found visiting http://es.carbnitereviews.biz.

POLICY – the German spy for the Americans.

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Markus L., 31, completed secondary school, official of the intermediate service the BND, paper applications/international relations, has eagerly communicated. L. selling to Americans since two years ago, when he turned on May 28th e-mail even to the Russians. In it, he offered secret BND files to the Russian Consulate-General in Munich. This was the Federal Office for protection of the Constitution through the electronic monitoring of the Consulate. So began the investigations against L. Markus L. was a little light. FOCUS information, but one with great insight. He got every document on the table as "classified information manager". No matter whether the papers as "Confidential", were "Secret" or even "top secret" classified. Markus L. got to see all files. He put them in his briefcase, scanned them at home after work all alone, saved it on a USB flash drive and the files returned the next day in the Office. Double Agent L. mostly in Austria met his CIA officer, in the next month, it was agreed to a meeting in Prague. Markus L. of the CIA in this way should have delivered more than 200 documents. The agent salary: 25,000 euros. A poor wage, insiders say. But probably not the suspected traitor concerned money. When the delinquent arrived last Wednesday at 11: 00 in Karlsruhe, he never stopped talking. After ten hours, the exhausted investigators ended the interrogation. You could no longer. . For more regarding this topic visit info.

The dl Competitiveness test in the Senate. Here are the main measures of the Decree.

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Milan-the Decree on the competitiveness of businesses, which indeed has become a sort of old omnibus Decree containing a variety of measures, it is channeled toward approval. Senate Hall hosts ended the General discussion and are replicas of the rapporteurs, Massimo Mucchetti (Pd) and Giuseppe Marinello (Ncd) and the Government. It is possible that the measure is the question of trust, not least because the text consists of 34 articles, must go to the room and its deadline for the 23 August does not leave too many margins. After frantic meetings and work at night, the measure on the competitiveness came out Thursday, May 24 by the committees on industry and environment of Palazzo Madama padded standards on energy and electricity rates, agriculture, the environment and energy efficiency in construction education, revival of businesses, and a number of provisions to reduce infringements of EU. Here are the pillars: compound interest. It was abolished the rule on capitalisation of interest, erasing the article 31 of the Act. Ilva. for the great Ionian steel bridging loan is introduced; There is also the strengthening of the role of ad hoc subcommissario to the recovery plan and the release of Bank resources placed under seizure. . Introduction of dual Opa threshold at 25% for listed companies, with the exception of SMEs (the other threshold remains at 30%) which instead may choose to include in the Statute a threshold of between 20% and 40%; also rules governing actions at multiple voting, ,. Powers to special forms of waste management to the Governor of Lazio and the Mayor of one of the municipalities of the region for urgent orders, including seizure in use of facilities. . Go-ahead to pay 535 million of credits to Poste italiane in response to the Eu decision on State aid. . On the one hand stop the entrustment of Sistra, the system of traceability of waste, to Selex (Finmeccanica) from December 31, 2015 on the other hand, the extension of the contract until the same date, and initiating the procedure for new European race from June 30, 2015. Cut Bills. Comes a new spread, incentives for the reduction of 10% for SMEs, bills with the rewrite of article 26 (which leaves saving unchanged balances that wanders about 800 million) and the introduction of options for incentives and three tranches of reduction; There is also the possibility of ceding the rights of share incentives and a standard anti-disputes with agreements between the Government and banks, which is also a safeguard clause. . Extension for a maximum of two years for the estate of Mr. duration listed real estate funds managed by them. It accelerates access to the new Sabatini, i.e. SMEs incentives for the modernisation of the productive apparatus, to the guarantee fund. Can avail of Ace (aid for growth) strengthened companies listed on MTFs. . Who has credits with the Pa will have time until August 31, 2014 to present certification instance contest website (regions brought under administration or re-entry Plan may do so with effect from 30 days after the entry into force of the Decree). We introduce the equating of Cassa depositi e prestiti to banks regarding the processing of tax regime will apply the additional (Ires of 8.5 percent). Among the other amendments adopted, rules governing (gradual toll adjustment as a result of the increase in the price of electricity), for login, extensions to gare d scope for natural, novelty of rights for chambers of Commerce, fines for those who do not respect the limits on, exclusion of the environmental impact assessment () posthumously for biogas, acceleration of actions against the waste agreement, with the appointment of a special Commissioner ‘ in time ‘. . You can visit this resource to read extra about this great matter.

Ukraine crisis – United States accuse Russia artillery fire.

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She relied on information from intelligence services of friendly countries. According to media reports, investigators found Meanwhile at the crash site of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in the Eastern Ukraine more corpses. As all of the victims so far recovered in the Netherlands should be flown out until Friday. On the day, EU member countries want to pass at the same time the announced expansion of sanctions against persons and companies in Russia. The West and the Government in Kiev not accuse Russia, enough on the separatists to intervene to defuse the conflict in the East of the country. US State Department spokeswoman Harf accused the Government in Moscow on Thursday, to deliver more rocket launchers to the rebels. At the same time, Russian troops from its territory taking out Ukrainian associations with artillery fire. The United States suspect the separatists to have shot down the Malaysian aircraft. Russia and the rebels have directed against the Ukrainian military. Malaysian investigators on the scene assume according to the OSCE by a missile strike. This militated strongly perforated pieces of wreckage, said Michael Bociurkiw of the Observer Mission of the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) on Thursday ZDF. Because of the intensified situation on the Russian Ukrainian border, the OSCE wants to send observers as soon as possible. In Vienna, the Permanent Council of the Organization decided 16 OSCE representatives should gather information on two border posts on Russian territory. . For additional facts regarding this matter visit resource.

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