How to live his asexuality in a heteronormative world.

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The heteronormativity starts from the principle that, in our culture, heterosexuality is the norm and everyone who deviates – because he is homosexual, asexual, etc. – is put, by definition, in the minority. Every day, people who are not heteronormatives are forced to live in a culture to which they do not belong but that is also increasingly imposed on them. Believe in an asexual (an ACE): refuse to comply with the heteronormativity of a society obsessed with sex is a real insulation factor. The television or at the cinema – and particularly in the very raw scenes of the HBO or intrigues revolving only around the possibility of going out with a person of the opposite sex-, and even at the supermarket, when you fall on the cover of Cosmo announcing proudly 101 stuff to fill your man in bed or Sports Illustrated on the sexiest swimwear modelssex is everywhere. But the alienation we feel to contact our friends and our family rivals that convey media. Even my gay friends talk of their sexual relationships, and their Facebook Wall is full of images and articles in relation to marriage, engagements, births and early appointments. When I go out with a friend (e) s, there always a (e) to make remarks about the charm of the people we meet in the street. Almost constantly, every day, something reminds me that I am abnormal, and that I do not have my place in this world. For comparison, think of any major sporting event in which you do not participate: the the World Cup, Wimbledon or the Olympics. Remember the advertising budget that is devoted – wherever you were turning your head, shops you sell articles related with this sports event, such as T-shirts, caps and ridiculous accessories. Supermarkets organise promotions on this topic, and you cannot turn on TV five minutes without seeing an ad featuring a high-level athlete, or an implausible amount of trailers for the competition itself. All the big names are put, with huge posters for drinks or sports shoes. It is even impossible to go shopping without hearing conversations on the subject, and you must pay attention to do not take you a panel depicting a life-size Sportsman! If you work in an office, there is always at least a prize pool, people do not stop to talk about it, and your unbearable colleague covers her workspace figurines and flags with the colors of his favorite team. Not to mention the half dozen neighbors who offer to watch the matches, and a million ads on social networks that support a team or demolish the opposing team. Most newspapers and magazines are their fatty cabbage, athletes are suddenly the subject of documentaries, and the line-up of talk shows was suddenly composed of top athletes. I think you now see what I am talking about and, when the next Cup World or upcoming games, you’ll probably remember the annoyance that these events inspire you, and how you would like people the close a bit, otherwise you hiding you in a soundproof container and without light, just to escape them. This is what it’s like to live in alienating culture. The worst thing is that as asexual, this only happens to me not once per year, or every four years, but all,. aux, days. I don’t want anyone to conform to the ideal of life in two. I am aware of the biological necessities, and I know that the reasons for this heteronormative phenomenon are obvious. It is natural that a species to do everything it can to survive and reproduce. At the same time, it is difficult for those who do not comply to live in a world that is foreign to them. Especially that it is impossible to escape: I can’t even join a hippie community, as would be the case do if I had fed up with capitalism, greed and foods processed in. The heteronormativity is imposed on us every day by the company, which we revolt continuously, indoors and outdoors, although we know that it is a lost battle in advance. The company will not change, and we not more. However, we cannot prevent us from fighting to maintain our individuality, to distance themselves from this culture to which we do not belong, to try to maintain our own identity. I would sometimes like to be normal. I can’t stand this conflict, this permanent reminder of my difference (in the best of cases), or my abnormality (in the worst case). There are days and even periods, where I would like to be heterosexual, to be like the others, stop the fight, find my place in society and more having to ask me questions. But it lasts forever, because I know that what dégoûteraient me even more would be to comply with what society expects of me. . You must click the following source to read extra about this amazing topic.

Interjection – Calhanoglu has earned a whistling Concerto.

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The absolute highlight in the "Calhanoglu"case was the story with the sudden "mental illness" that overtook him just on the first training day of the HSV after the summer break, then was healed miraculously after he signed his contract with the new Club. So Kinky and heartless the million business often is football and it may be so normal for one or the other, that you take blue makes ‘ – this special part was seriously morbid anxiety and to be signed million contract simply unbelievable and an insult to all people, and have to fight a few disgruntled fans! This is a point of view way. On the other hand, clearly other people have been involved in that there has been so. As the HSV has presented in recent years with the chiefs of disasters, Jack and cruiser, I’m sure that it could promise, Mr Calhanoglu after the season change on the part of the men’s Kreuzer, and gave Jack. To clear was just at the end of last season, how much the persons at HSV, only ever tried to enforce their own interests and stand as well as an individual. So the extension of the contract by Calhanoglu saved the head of Oliver Kreuzer, at least in the short term. That Calhanoglu turned down after the season and knocked on his move, embarrassment made the right foot in no time to the figurehead and the game ball in the overall "HSV season 13/14". That fans, which Club loyalty (the Calhanoglu HSV also swore to his contract extension) really something, in some cases even all mean now sour and hurt are, I feel as completely justified. A long, rich whistles is the common and also most appropriate response. We are fans namely, providing tons of euros, kilometers, heart and nerves for this year after year, just to hope that it this day, this year or ever better in the case of HSV may, at least in this Millennium is,, For extended data regarding this matter click website.

Catania: carried drugs to detainees, prison officer arrested.

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An Assistant Chief of the penitentiary police in Catania of Bicocca prison was arrested today by police of the provincial commando of Catania for continued corruption and detention at the end of dealing marijuana and cocaine. According to investigators the man, since 2009 and until February 2013, would be made available to some detainees affiliated mafia clans delivering their drugs and other useful items. Among these foods are not allowed, alcohol, mobile phones and computer media. For men the gip of Catania, at the request of the local district anti-mafia Directorate, issued an order for pre-trial detention to house arrest. In the same investigation also involves four other custodial agents but for them it was not placed any restrictive measure because they stopped working relationship for retirement, dismissal or spoke to suspension from active duty. According to the indictment, the agent arrested would provide in a sort of assistance to detainees of the clan for all their needs for remuneration in money. In addition to items and drugs man indeed would conform to the characters of mafia clans Summit a chance to meet privately among themselves, to have telephone conversations with family members over maximum capacity, to get messages to relatives and to be promptly notified of the impending execution of precautionary measures. As part of the same investigation were reported, to contest in corruption, many prisoners who have used agents ‘ performance. . Inspirational data may be studied visiting the following link.

Ebola virus, Ebola, Maine to court to compel quarantine nurse.

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New York, 31 Oct. (Afpenglish)-Maine authorities have asked a State Court to force Kaci Hickox-the nurse just returned from West Africa who refuses to remain quarantined in her home-to follow the guidelines dictated by the Institute for prevention of diseases of the United States (Cdc) for people with some risk of developing Ebola. In fact it asks that the 33-year remains at his home, don’t use public transport, should not be in his job if not for medical treatment and that still remains at a distance of one meter from the people. Maine contends that these restrictions will remain in place until within 3-10 days there will be a hearing to determine his State of health. Hickox was returned last week from Sierra Leone and quarantining in a tent at a hospital in Newark, New Jersey. Then was released and is back in Maine, the State in which he lives. Maine authorities predicted that continued isolation at home, but the woman decided not to abide by any restrictions. Yesterday I decided to take a bike ride with her boyfriend. Since the 33-year talked about a restriction of its freedom and unconstitutional treatment, since it has no symptom of the disease. Hickox also announced that will suit against States which have forced to quarantine. . Additional information can be found clicking

Zidane: Appeal rejected, Real enters the administrative justice.

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The appeal filed after the sanction against Zinedine Zidane, coach of Real Madrid reserve, was rejected, was learned Friday from the club, which referred to the Administrative Tribunal of sport (TAD), instance bound to the Spanish Ministry of Sports. Zidane, the french football icon, was suspended for three months by the Spanish federation (RFEF). It considers that it does not have the required diplomas for the position of head coach on the bench for Real Madrid Castilla, according to the Spanish press. The remedy that we presented (to the RFEF, Editor’s note) was rejected and we have presented today to the TAD a request for suspensive measure, a Real spokesman told AFP. The TAD, created at the beginning of the year, is the competent organ in Spain to examine the activity of the federations on doping, sport and guarantee of the legality of the electoral process, as stated in his website. The former leader of the team of France is accused of not having the title of level 3 needed to result in Segunda B, the third Spanish division. According to As newspaper Zidane, 42 years, being this graduation should validate in the spring. -Not happy Zidane, according to Ancelotti – after announcement of the sanction Monday, Real Madrid has promised to use all legal channels to challenge the decision of the RFEF. The club defended itself by ensuring that ZZ was authorised by the French football Federation (FFF) to exercise as the first coach in the category in which it is located at Real Madrid Castilla. The FFF itself has brought its support Tuesday to the french technician, ensuring that the UEFA regulations allow a coach during training to exercise his profession. Pending the outcome of the current procedure, this sanction has been synonymous of big blow to Zidane, who made the leap here is only a few months initiating his first senior coaching experience. At the centre of a controversy in Spain, he has received lately the support of great names of football such as Real Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti, which he was Assistant last season. I spoke with + + Zizou, obviously it is not content, commented Ancelotti press conference Friday. But we are optimistic because we hope that you are going to grant the suspensive measure. We await the judgment of the Court, he concluded. . For extra data about this topic visit reference.

Four indicted in the investigation into the death of the CEO of Total.

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Chief Engineer Vladimir Ledeniov, who was at the cleaners tracks responsible for accident, was charged Friday for violation of safety rules resulting in death through negligence of two or more persons. He is currently in custody. Later in the day, the head of the flight control, Roman Dounaev, already under house arrest, was charged for the same reasons. These charge warnings occur after those, more earlier in the week, the air traffic controller Alexandre Krouglov and the trainee heaven aiguilleuse Svetlana Krivsoune. If their guilt is established, all four face up to five years in prison. From the audio recordings from one of the black boxes of the plane and airport surveillance cameras videos, experts have established that the pilots of the aircraft had seen a snowplow on the track, but that the vehicle had disappeared, the pilot continued the take-off procedure and saw the snow blower, back on the track for a reason still not elucidated by investigatorsas three seconds before impact. The aircraft then pitched onto the right side before crashing to the ground, killing all its passengers. . For more insights on this subject visit

German folk tales – truth or tale? Horror stories from Germany.

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Anyone who believes that there are no witches, should go to the brocken. The Harz is since the 17th century as a meeting place of witches. The Walpurgis night on April 30 they dance in the Blocksberg, for the devil on the brocken. It writes also Johann Wolfgang Goethe in his tragedy Faust. They fly on brooms or pitchforks to the Shabash from the Hexentanzplatz in Thale. The witch who arrives last, is itself part of diabolical Banquet on the brocken. But also outside the Walpurgis night you can supposedly walk on the Harzer Hexenstieg of one or another witch on the way.   Spirit in the Ratskeller: in a new year’s Eve night in the middle ages the room master Barthold sat in a niche in the Ratskeller, in the so-called black hole. He had drunk too much and lost everything he had. He solely blew tribulation, blew an icy wind through the dining room, and death entered the Ratskeller. He urged Barthold to a dice duel. Its body in the black hole was the next morning. Since no one dared to touch her, the niche was bricked up without further ADO. It means that new year’s Eve between zero and one o’clock the spirit of Barthold sometimes knocks on the wall.    Ghost ship from Emden: amid a violent storm a merchant ship came at night to Emden. Just before it reached port saving threatened to prefer wind and waves in the depth. People standing on the shore shouted after the rescue of the sailors, but the port guards refused to give out the Wachboot. He harbored a grudge against the captain of the ship, and although his own son on Board was, he stayed hard. The ship went down. To this day, to see a bright bluish Ghost ship off the coast in stormy nights and hear the screams of the dying sailors should be. . For extended facts about this subject read site.

Stefano Cucchi, today the appellate ruling. Pg: “Condemn all”.

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Waiting for the ruling of the appeals process for death of Stefano Cucchi, the Roman surveyor died a week after his arrest at the Hospital of Rome Pertini At first instance were sentenced only to doctors. Is waiting for the judgement of the appeals process for death of Stefano Cucchi, the Roman Surveyor stopped the drug and died October 15, 2009 a week after Sandro Pertini Hospital of Rome. Accused six doctors, three nurses and three prison officers. At first instance, the courts have convicted only doctors for negligent homicide and now the Court is called upon to decide whether to uphold that ruling, flip it to the requests of the pg and therefore all condemn the defendants or the defensive thesis which was requested the acquittal of all. For Stefano Cucchi’s death remain 12 accused persons on trial in various capacities of abandonment of incapable, abuse of Office, aiding, falsehood, injury and ideological abuse of authority. For the pm of first instance Cucchi was pounded in court security capital, where he was awaiting the validation hearing of his arrest for drugs and then in the hospital were ignored his requests to have medicines and was abandoned and left to die of hunger and thirst. At first instance, the courts have ruled that Cucchi was pounded in court security cells, but died in the hospital for malnutrition. The only culprits were the doctors, while justice has absolved the nurses and prison officers. Stefano Cucchi in Rome will have a street or a square that will carry his name. The Capitoline Assembly approved the motion submitted by the parent company of Sel, Gianluca Peciola, and signed by the whole centre-left majority and five-star movement, presented last September 23, on the day of the start of the appeals process. The motion, which assumes that Stefano Cucchi "died as a result of violence suffered and because of serious institutional omissions", erecting his story a "symbol of the need to reform the system of criminal procedure and in any sense" penitential, locates the text of the plaque: street or square "Stefano Cucchi, boy". . You should visit this web site to read more about this great topic.

Automotive: 23% in rebates for new cars in France.

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The website lists offerings – and real prices – very many dealers and agents. It has about 30. 000 offers continuously. And it is also visited by 250. 000 visitors per month. By aggregating these data, Kidioui offers a vision of prices but also models and options relevant to the French. However, the comparator has an element which demonstrates that the efforts of the manufacturers are not wasted. Indeed, if the amount of the rebate remains unchanged, there is a rise in the price of cars selected by Internet users. In one year, this average price increased by 1.6% to settle at 20. 317 euros. This increase is no doubt due the strong renewal of the ranges. New models are indeed more expensive than the previous ones, mainly because of the options and additional features like multiple customization options. The situation is however contrasted to another constructor. If Peugeot manages to grow the price of its vehicles by 4.41%, those of Citroen fell 8.02%. . You should check this home page to discover more on this interesting subject.

Unfaithful process: prosecutors demand prison for Middelhoff more than three years.

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The 61-year-old have violated its fiduciary duties and harmed the meanwhile broke previous group in 44 cases. From the perspective of the Prosecutor, this justified accusations of severe disloyalty. Mahiya Defender announced to plead next week on acquittal. Mainly, it’s about flights with Charter planes, which were paid by Arcandor, were caused but wholly or partly private, according to the Prosecutor. So the Manager in New York have seen regular Supervisory Board at the New York Times. If Middelhoff occupations on deadline pressure and pressed for time, this is in many cases but blamed on Arcandor does not, but his numerous external mandates, the Prosecutor argued. Once he sent only that’s why blank from Cologne to Boston (United States) a Charter plane, to start a few hours earlier in the weekend. Flights in his holiday home in Saint Tropez in southern France he went easy on official account. Middelhoff had changed several times its deliberations, his information so the public prosecutor were partly undecided or as a pure protection claims. Middelhoff had strongly rejected the accusations. . Related text can be read checking homepage.

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