Jihad: the prohibition from leaving the territory passed to the Assembly.

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A period of six months, renewable up to two years, this prohibition will lead to the immediate withdrawal of the passport and identity card of the person who will receive a receipt worth justification of its identity. "Six months is reasonable because it is a serious measure," found the rapporteur of the text Sébastien Pietrasanta (PS) in response to amendments of Pierre Lellouche (UMP) wanting to extend this term to one year. According to Cazeneuve, about 930 French are involved in chains to the Syria and Iraq (350 on-site, 180 divided by Syria, 170 in transit to the area and 230 with ambitions of starting) number in ‘ 74% increase in eight months. 36 died on the spot. To Pietrasanta (PS), this measure may also serve to "protect themselves" young people, especially girls, even little radicalized and which are likely to become travelling in areas of armed struggle. Since the spring, there is an alerts platform through which "at least 70 departures" could be avoided according to the Minister. .

An American football star accused of having beaten her 4-year-old son.

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It is a scandal that pays the Chronicle in the United States. After the video abhorrent of American footballer Ray Rice who had knocked his girlfriend in the elevator, images of large domestic violence which "shocked" president Obama, the star of the Minnesota Vikings was arrested Friday last in Texas to have terribly hit its four-year-old boy. But if the man has been suspended during the weekend, his club comes to reinstate him to ensure the match on Sunday against the New England Patriots,. A stunning decision having regard to the gravity of the facts.   The hotel chain Radisson was suspended Monday its sponsorship to the team of the Minnesota Vikings.  "We take this matter so much more seriously that we are committed for a long time for the protection of children" said the group, which says: ‘Radisson suspend its partnership while we assess the facts and circumstances’. This statement is accompanied by a banner to the attention of the press, which aims the manager general of the team and its decision controversy to reinstate the football.   Adrian Peterson is accused of hitting her child with a thin tree branch, over the entire body, including the testicles, inflicting bloody injuries. It had previously put the leaves in the mouth of the little boy. The photos were revealed Monday by the American website TMZ. By retrieving her child, the mother had found serious damage and his son by a doctor considered fact.   Adrian Peterson, arrested Friday, was released. Suspended last weekend, one that is considered to be one of the best ball of the circuit, e f formula of apology by explaining that it was not "a hitter of child. In his defense, his lawyer explained that he inflicted the kind of punishment imposed on him small.   The athlete claims to have seen a psychologist. But Tuesday, TMZ revealed another case of ‘child abuse’, involving an another offshoot of Adrian Peterson. The boy was shot his father during a punishment in June 2013.   Peterson had to stand in a court in Conroe, Texas, each Wednesday, will be charged with negligence causing injury to a child, but the date of appearance has been postponed to October 8. This crime which can be punished by two years in prison and fine of 10 $000. These incidents are part of a series of scandals involving players from the NFL (national football league). In the United States, public opinion is mobilized against the indulgence of the NFL to these investigations.   .

500 migrants died off the coast of Malta: the story of the journey of horror.

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They have d clar pr f rer return point d share rather than to climb into the fr the boat. The smugglers, who were themselves me on a smaller boat, have started screaming and hitting the passengers. Traffickers then have directed their boat to that of migrants, says IOM. They have forced some passengers who had been to climb into their boat to throw water and were then percut boat of migrants. It a as t started flowing. After having striking our boat, they waited a moment to make sure that he had sombr completely before leaving. They laughed a t McMenamin a survivor aupr s of IOM. When the boat was percut, d despair, one of the passengers is suicid en is tranglant, he added. Six of the survivors were in the State of hypothermia: three Palestinians, an Egyptian, a Syrian and a girl of about two years. They have t s h re helicopter transport in Friday night Saturday to the service e ad nearest quat, the NPC hospital on the Greek CR te. A collaborator of IOM in Cr was started the collection of their t testimony, which corroborates those s delivered by two Palestinians. � .

Netflix is for you?

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Difficult to pass c t. You certainly d j heard speaking of Netflix, the most popular U.S. VOD am service in the world, which was launched Monday in France. A quarter of the French knew of its existence before m me appeared on hex crans. And if this was not your case, for little whether you’re in the target – young adult, surfer, s riephile – will be soon t: site d fed a standard campaign of advertising to make conna tre its brand and its offers. Netflix, just like other vid o demand subscription services, like people who have time devote t l vision, and watch it much. The average consumption on Netflix is 41 hours per month. On Canalplay, s subscriber look a little more than 35 programs per month. Because of the constraints of the audiovisual industry in France, the SVOD caters in priority those who do not seek cents r movies but rather t a wide catalogue of films (there are only movies that have at least 3 years), who watch lots of s ries, who seek an alternative to the cha paid icons for programs for children, who want a consumption map when I want, o I want, and have not a big budget devote all this. The heart of target, these are the 18-34 year olds. If your thing, these are too old movies, sports and events v live, keep your subscription CanalSat or Canal +, who s news from 10 months after their theatrical release. If you your pr t sacrifice the news to pay cheaper (Canal + or CanalSat co tent at least 24.90 euro per month) while consuming a lot of my cin and s ries, with b n fice of a syst demand me more flexible, the VODS can be a good alternative. In terms of s ries, in part, you will find the m my on Netflix, but for the past years res seasons it will have to wait a little (ex: Hannibal, Homeland). The case of OCS is diff rent. This bouquet paying (2 million s customer), requesting m cha nes classics and programmes, co te 12 euros per month. D now pr sent via all operators POS box (since the e arrival on the Freebox e announced this month), OCS is centr on films and the s ries and allows you to review programs the application during 30 days. He d holds the exclusive of the new seasons of s ries HBO (Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, The Leftovers, True Detective,.), diffuse in H + 24 and it offers also int grale of seasons c previous pr request. But his catalog does not limit this. For example, there are The Walking Dead. OCS also produced a few s ries original, including 26 minutes France Kbek and In America. On the other hand, can t l load and watch the episodes as offline. Short, OCS is a good compromise, not much more expensive than the VODS, for those who are the res big s last day ries, appr cient particularly particularly those of HBO, and are unwilling to compromise on fra display of films (OCS is 10-12 months after the theatrical release). Downsides deny: can not see any program anytime. Then the price. Offers the lowest res ch from Netflix and CanalPlay, 7.99 euros, s wage hide. At this price-l, CanalPlay is not accessible directly on the TV (you must choose for this package EUR 9.99), but includes 5 crans s simultan and HD (two options pr present in package Netflix 11.99 euros). 10 euros, the Videofutur/FilmoTV box includes the HD (for now on VOD, and soon t the SVOD). The sites also have s functionality diff annuities. Netflix, for example, doesn’t offer offline mode, but is for now the only include a VAC s multi-profile. Vidéo-FilmoTV focuses on the ditorialisation of content, Netflix recommendation engine, CanalPlay tries to do a little of both. Videofutur includes nes premium TV cha in its subscription (Disney Channel, Game One, Paramount Channel), and gives more access rates pr f help for VOD the Act, which allows to see hundred r films (4 months after their theatrical release) for 2.99 euros instead of the rate usually performed for the s news of 4.99 euros. � .

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ROME-A sea change in the school. No doubt the President of Coni Giovanni Malagò, presenting the Sport class project that will introduce the sports tutor, a figure that will help teachers. A blow to the sedentary lifestyle. The new plan will start at first for the third, fourth and fifth primary school pupils will have two hours of physical education per week. Literacy children’s Italian sport until now limited to 11% of Italian schools. The thing we wanted to do was to actually put together those forces dealing with sport, explained Education Minister, Stefania Giannini, the istituto comprensivo Manin di Roma. Introduces a new system of organization of physical education in schools: for the first time are integrated the competencies of the Miur and cones for shared management of sporting activities through provincial and regional bodies. This project is in my program since I nominated. I said that this was the mother of all battles explained satisfied Malagò. I argued with someone within our world telling me not to worry about school theme that there is said-. I went ahead and we started from the format carried forward with determination by my predecessors. Changing the name, physical literacy, that I had never loved it and going on a clearer path. A special attention to disabled people, thanks to the involvement of the Italian paraolympic Committee. If the sport now has a value of cultural development of the country is due to the decision to shoot down a great wall, said the Chairman of Cip, Luca Pancalli. The sport will be more present in the school, this is the meaning of the project. There is a synergy with the State who understood that you couldn’t go on like this. It’s a momentous moment, we put our resources at your disposal. The Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council, Graziano Delrio is satisfied: for us sport is part of the school’s educational project: there is competition, but also the team knowledge and accept defeats. So today is a decisive day for the Italian school, but also for Italian sport. .

Valeria, a son to start over.

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On Sunday started the campaign to raise awareness of the Foundation Arché in support of project "Home for children and mothers with psychic and social unease". Until 5 October, it will be possible for anyone who wants to donate 5 euro 2 or via Sms or by calling from landline the 45505. Until 5 October, we invited everyone to make many difficult lives in #storiedisperanza. Until 5 October, we are all called to witness and the gift. It is with immense joy and great responsibility, then, that I try too. Telling you about, in my opinion, the story of Valeria and her baby. Of his mental illness and his desire to fight to regain hope. Of its vicissitudes and help that, like so many others, is finding in the House Arché. Valeria is a common woman. And when you find it’s hard to imagine everything that lived. Especially today, with his daughter, is trying to start all over again. But what happened to Valerie? Why is a a House Arché? Until the University for Valeria everything seems to go for the best. The girl lives in Milan, the parents want good, is the smartest of the class. With his headband castano, his faded jeans and sneakers, is ready to face the world. Just that when after maturity leave Milan to go to Rome to study film, something breaks. And start a real ordeal. Valeria begins to settle his parents aren’t really his parents. Becomes convinced that she has been taken. Part in Brazil in search of his origins. Back to Milan. Progressively, is lost in the maze of his thoughts. Disappears for days. You eat it. Multiplies relations with men crossed a little by chance. Everything seems pointless. Everything seems meaningless. At least until Valerie finds herself pregnant. It is then that, faced with the threats that come from Court to remove the child, Valeria decided to react and cure. Start taking of drugs capable of mood-stabilizing them. Enters the House Arché. Begins to hope. Be different does not mean not being able to live a dignified and happy life. Have a frailty doesn’t mean sacrificing to motherhood. Taking drugs doesn’t mean he cannot occupy their children. As Valeria, in Case there are many Arché of women struggling to recover and to give children a better future. Are all stories of courage. Are all stories of resistance to life’s difficulties. Because life is often hard, but not worth it. With life, it is always worth it. Especially when there are children. And it is with them that we start again from scratch, transforming into something else suffering that is crossed. Twitter: @MichelaMarzano.

Martine Aubry is again heard in three days of the vote of confidence.

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The Mayor of Lille Martine Aubry PS said today in Lomme, being for the independence of each about the vote of confidence Tuesday next to the National Assembly.   I’m for the independence of each, I always treated everyone this way, said Aubry on his arrival at the States General of the Socialists of Northern Lomme, near Lille.  We all have a conscience, we all beliefs, it is necessary that each vote depending on what it is considered useful for the success of our country, for the success of the president, she said, asked about the unity of the Socialist MEPs while its PS members announced that they will refrain from collectively.   Unity doesn’t mean anything, I was first Secretary of the PS, said Aubry. It is unity in speaking of the bottom, there is no unity saying ‘unity, unity, unity’. Is unity on a project, it is unity on values, meaning and answers. The Mayor of Lille reiterated wish to contribute to what we should all actually agree on proposals that allow for growth, employment performance while reducing deficits. Its PS members announced Tuesday that they had intended to abstain collectively next Tuesday. .

Pope denounces arms trade.

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In the Memorial, tens of thousands of people came to celebrate mass with the Pope. The fascists had created large steps in the 1930s hillside once fiercely competitive, under which lie the graves of soldiers and that always is a word: presente – present. So Italian soldiers sign up today, and many of them were Redipuglia, such as Col. Riccardo Campbell Antoni even today. We soldiers know, he assures what are the mistakes of the war. But we also know that soldiers are needed to protect a defenseless populace. This is an important visit because the Pope comes here for the fallen to pray – and he all the soldiers and all the faithful who have come here, invites, to fight the wars. In his sermon, Francis spoke about the indifference to war and destruction. He said one could speak today of a third world war and renamed the causes: even today there are many victims,. How is this possible? It is possible, because even today there is interests, geopolitical plans, greed and lust for power behind the scenes, and there is the gun industry, which is apparently so important! If one is honest, so the Pope, should be on the first page of newspapers in the face of this misery set remain: me what’s going on? The soldiers a gift Pope Franziskus got today, and although a small portable altar, the soldiers in the first world war have celebrated mass. At that time they were looking for hope in God during the cruel battles, so the message. And A lot of this hope, so the Pope needed also in the present, cruel conflicts in many regions of the world. .

Natacha Polony: Calais, a sense of shame of Europe.

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Human long lines that stretch before a soup are a heartbreaking and unworthy spectacle. But it is, these tents of fortune with their parade of human shadows, who, more than others, raise our shame and our terror. In Calais, not far from the gray waters of the port, the poor come from Eritrea, Sudan and Syria have been added to Afghans, Iraqis and others who fifteen years are reduced to be only short in the articles of the print media. Except that today ‘ today, they are more numerous than ever. And the situation reached this degree of tension that suggests the horror. Dismantle camps which can be regarded as invitations to air for still more many unfortunate people and which can provide a decent home is conceived only if it made sure, on the other side, the doors are not large open. Then, head also, this Europe that leaves enter the largest populations (in this case, figures show a year a larger influx from the Horn of Africa, and nationalities fluctuate depending on geopolitical dramas) without any solution to avoid to see them piled up in Calais. Manager, the United Kingdom, Member of the European Union, but not of the Schengen area, which can wash their hands of this human misery since the filter is done before the entry on its territory. These unfortunate people want to cross the English channel? It is not the problem of the British authorities. Europe only has to fend for themselves, and the English police who control the entrance of the tunnel have never these brave people come to disturb the tranquillity of his Majesty’s subjects. There is in a sense that Europe is a colander. Then, against all of them, there are victims. These migrants that the war, distress and the dream of a better life have thrown away from home, who are takes away their last well, dignity. But also the people of Calais and surroundings, undergoing decades the spectacle of this misery like a tidal wave that asked them only to stem. Now, the fascists taking charge, because it has even left them this land there. And this is how we can continue the postures, but with the glorious impression of fight against the dark forces. This is Europe?.

Nude portraits: A photographer takes off.

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So during the session I’m dressed still at the beginning. Then I just go out and come back naked. This is the hardest part for the sitter. The longer the session is running, the better people get on. At the beginning, they look Very much surprised, or keep the hands in front of the face. But at the end of the session they look Very much normal, since one would not think that the photographer was naked. It’s funny, when I come into the room, then they look at me and look the other way and then they To try to concentrate on the eye contact. Most simply know Not at all how they should behave. It is my job to take the trepidation from them and to tell them what to do. I’m now also No more embarrassed and feel A lot better in my body than at the beginning of the project. Well, when I take pictures naked, then I put myself on a certain level of vulnerability. It’s also the sitter. By my nudity, we’re more vulnerable. And I think I have here still the upper hand, because I’m getting with each session, remember, to be naked. Also, I tell them what they have to do. It needs to invite have A lot confidence from someone, a complete stranger in his house and make him naked to pictures. Would you do that? I definitely do not. But I would ask people to do something I wouldn’t do myself. I had thought too. But actually I could find no big difference. I think that men are more used to, to be confronted with naked men: you have physical education in school, in the gym, see you under the shower to the pool. For women, this is even more shocking. The men are not so shocked when I enter the room naked. I have however noticed one thing: since the project through the Internet haunts, I To want get many requests, join the of people. And the vast majority of them were women. No idea what to do now,,

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