Opponents Notre Dames des Landes on the alert

The criminal court of Nantes, seized by the state and the AGO dealer (a subsidiary of Vinci), reported Tuesday afternoon a decision authorizing the eviction of illegal occupants from the date on which the judgment has been served on them has do we learned from counsel for the objectors at the airport, Stéphane Vallée, and [...]

Before the World Cup in Brazil: Riots shake Rio de Janeiro

Cause of the protests was the death of the popular professional dancer Douglas Rafael da Silva Pereira from the favela Pavão-Pavãozinho. Its body was found on Tuesday in a school building in the district, which lies between the districts of Copacabana and Ipanema. Friends were the police for the death of 26-year-old responsible, who had [...]

The failed operation of the NYPD on Twitter

Do you have a picture w / a member of the NYPD? Tweet us & tag it # myNYPD. It May be featured on our Facebook. peak. twitter. com/mE2c3oSmm6 Sure thing! MT @ NYPDnews: Do you have a picture w / a member of the NYPD? Tweet us & tag it # myNYPD peak. twitter. [...]

Video: South Sudan: UN condemn massacre “in the strongest terms”

Here hundreds of men, women and children have been killed by rebels according to the UN last week. The massacre had happened when the rebels took the capital of the oil-rich Unity state. The rebels had attacked a hospital, a mosque and a Catholic church, in which the civilians had fled. There, they would have [...]

“Airbnb” in court – Is it illegal to rent apartments to tourists?

"Slumlords and tax cheat" – the struggle with the question of whether "Airbnb" in New York is illegal, will be fought with harsh words. Is it possible to rent their own apartment to tourists? The answer is likely to be of increasing interest for Germany. The practice of their own homes to tourists for rent [...]

Health: Spring in poor sleep for more than 4 million Italians

Rome, April 22 (Reuters) – Fatigue, tiredness and sleepiness. With the arrival of spring, many children suffer from sleep disorders related to the change of season. But it is not always well underestimate the signals that the body tries to send: sleep is necessary alignment of all body functions, and a restless sleep can hide [...]