Venice: Roy Andersson, are more ironic by Ingmar Bergman (2).

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(Adnkronos/.it Cinema)-chapter ” in homo sapiens, a setting that humans do cruel things in history, such as colonialism, the experiments done on animals ‘ ‘. And, indeed, the cylinder in which blacks are going to be grilled: ‘ ‘ This is an Assyrian cylinder, the Assyrians were very cruel with people won, had built ad hoc torture machines ‘ ‘. Then Andersson illuminates on its relationship with the illustrious compatriot Ingmar Bergman: ” when I went to the school of directing, Bergman was the headmaster. We were at the end of the 60 ‘s, there was a protest: we got off on the street filming, i and my fellow students. As Dean, Bergman warned me: ‘ If you continue to make films about things you do not ever policies feature ‘. It was a warning, of course, but I had no fear of Ingmar Bergman. There may be similarities between my film and its, but Ingmar had no humor: this is the biggest difference with me ”. But what about A Pigeon? ” By us, in our lives. I had intended as a trilogy, now I’ll make another movie, and it will be the fourth part of this trilogy ‘ ‘. . Similar text can be read reading url.

Michel Hazanavicius contested sued for plagiarism.

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Christophe Valdenaire assigns sued The Artist Director, considering that he is strongly inspired by the script of a project of feature film in black and white, written over fifteen years ago. Prosecution seeks the production La Petite Reine deThomas Langmann company. His lawyer, Me Florence Vatrin, ensures that his client is "not worried". The complainant, Christophe Valdenaire, claims to be the author of the scenario of Timidity, the Symphony of little man, feature-length film in black and white. Tribute to black and white films, its first release date of 1998. He says even sent the scenario to the actress of The Artist, and companion of Michel Hazanavicius, Bérénice Bejo. "I do not know to what extent it is satisfied or not that there is plagiarism, but the fact is that this has nothing to do. After, it is absolutely the right to attack me, and I am defending myself. "The best answer I can give is: read his script and compare films!" the Director told AFP. . Inspirational data may be read reading this url.

Ruth Ortiz can bury in brief the remains of their children.

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The Supreme Court (TS) has returned the case of José Bretón, sentenced to 40 years in prison for the murder of her two children, Ruth and José, of six and two years in Cordoba in October 2011, after last July to secure such sentence imposed by the Provincial Court of Córdoba and which also upheld the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA). Law enforcement sources confirmed to Reuters and has overtaken the provincial press, once the third section of the Provincial Court has received a few days ago the cause, which held the trial last summer, in a way that now has to execute the sentence in all the senses, and thus remains bone found in the bonfire of the Quemadillas estate will be delivered to the mother small, Ruth Ortiz, for burial. In this way, may be compliance with what has been the desire of the mother of the two children since he knew that the bones found in the bonfire of the paternal grandparents in Cordoba estate belonged to their children. Lawyer Ruth Ortiz, María of the rest Carrero, already said last week that was waiting that the Supreme Court referred all documentation to the Provincial hearing of Cordoba for, from there, is ordered the execution of the judgment and, thus, be able to register the death of children in the Civil Register. Once completed this step, something for which there is no defined term, will be when the remains bone of Ruth and José, which are kept in court, they can surrender to the mother for burial. The own Carrero said also a few days ago that this is the only thing that we have tried since September 28, 2012 the police technician acknowledged his mistake after the practiced expert in August and that confirmed that the bones found in the bonfire of the estate were human. In addition, Ruth Ortiz, through his lawyer, has requested on several occasions that surrendered the skeletal remains, even before the trial, but the Provincial Court refused before and after the sentence until this was not firm. Even with the same claim turned Ortiz to the TSJA, but also the high Andalusian Court objected. In this regard, Carrero appealed to common sense and humanity taking into account the degree of suffering that mother had accumulated, but the TSJA, understanding the personal need of the mother, responded that it was not possible while there was litigation about the identity of the bones. Now, once the Supreme has confirmed the sentence, already you can start the process to give. Moreover, José Bretón defense expected to present the remedy of amparo in the month of October before the Constitutional Tribunal (TC) following a decision by the Supreme Court, which dismissed his appeal. In particular, recourse to the TC shall be based on the violation of fundamental rights that have allegedly been against José Bretón. . For more facts about this topic read

Health: nutritionist, never without snacks ‘ alternative ‘ for a good recovery.

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Rome, 2 sets. (Reuters Health)-the secret of a good psycho-physical recovery after returning from holidays is a snack between meals, which you should never ‘ Skip ‘ but, above all, must be healthy and alternative. Almonds, pistachios, honey, fresh fruit, various centrifugal and even Parmesan, are some of the right choices according to Chiara D’ottavio, biologist-nutritionist. We must make the full of vitamins and minerals to ‘ overcome ‘ good indentation. And it is necessary to maintain a constant blood glucose to be active, to operate your brain and work better. Snacks are so critical to not have sugar dips, explains the expert to Adnkronos Salute. Between meals should not spend more than three hours. But snacks-one in the morning and one in the afternoon–should provide only what you need. The dried fruit has a good supply of minerals and vitamins. Almonds are rich in vitamin E and magnesium. The ideal snack is 6 or 7 almonds. If you eat along with 150 grams of fruit, moreover, can slow down the absorption of sugars from fruit itself. In this way the blood glucose stays constant. It has the same effect with a handful of pistachios instead of almonds. Even fresh fruit alone is a good alternative. A fruit and coffee, all well and good to break. But they are excellent also the centrifugal, with or without vegetables. A Rusk with honey or yogurt ‘ simple ‘, without dyes to add fresh ingredients (peaches, apricots, grapes etc) If you prefer. Finally the ice cream, summer snack par excellence, which must be rigorously crafted and fruit, with a list of ingredients as short as possible. For those who love the savory a good idea is the Parmesan cheese, a piece from 30 grams is fine. Contains calcium and vitamin D that helps assimilate it: snack indicated, in particular, for who is at risk for osteoporosis. Okay the toasted bread with olive oil. Snacks are also allies of the line because they avoid getting hungry at lunch or dinner. As regards the main meals, the rules for combining a good recovery and control of the calories are simple: lots of fruits and vegetables, more possible colors and vary between fish, meat, eggs and vegetables. And at the end of the meal, especially in the evenings, you can enjoy a soothing dessert, even if you are on a diet close: 10 grams of dark chocolate, preferably at 100%. It’s an excellent anti-stress because it is rich in magnesium, tryptophan, precursor of serotonin, and is sugar free, concludes D’ottavio. . You can visit this to read more on this interesting matter.

The girl of a french jihadist released from Turkish jails.

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According to our information, Assia, a two-year-old French girl was awarded to his mother after 48 hours spent in Turkish jails and almost eight months in Syria alongside his father, a native French of Ain party doing jihad in this country in the war. The little girl was delivered Tuesday at midday to mother, Meriem Rajput with eleven months of separation and a long ordeal after. End of 2013, the former husband of employee Education, Hamza Magwaza, had removed the Assia small. This 26-year-old man was left with her joining a francophone brigade of the armed group Jabat al-Dhanub (armed branch of Al-Qaida) in Syria. Since then, Meriem, had struggled to try to recover her child. According to our information, last week, her ex-husband offered him to go to Turkey, neighboring country of Syria, to exfiltrate Assia. In the night from Saturday to Sunday, Meriem is made on the spot in a town near the Syrian border. But under cover of darkness, at the time of the reunion, Turkish police intervened and placed the jihadist and her daughter in a detention centre. Desperate, in a hotel in the province of Hatay, in the South of the Turkey, Meriem had to wait until noon, Tuesday. After intense negotiations between the french and Turkish Governments, Ankara agreed to return Assia. A case followed closely by the french Interior Ministry services. According to our information, the cabinet of Bernard Cazeneuve worked this afternoon conditions of repatriation of mother and daughter in France. . Main data can be studied checking this

Tour of Britain: Bradley Wiggins will defend his title.

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Bradley Wiggins will be the leader of Sky and will defend its title when editing 2014 of the Tour of Britain, which starts Sunday in Liverpool for a week, on Tuesday announced his team. This is a special race for me so come back as a defending champion is a real honour, responded the rider of 34 years, first British winner of the Tour de France in 2012. It’s never an easy race but the support one receives at the roadside is incredible. It’s my national tour so I always appreciated it argue. Initially, the leader of the Sky wanted to argue the Vuelta in preparation for the World Championships, but the presence of his teammate and competitor Chris Froome at the Tour of Spain finally led him to change his plans. Tour of Britain is one of my goals since the start of the season, yet still provided the native of Ghent in Belgium. This race increasingly importance year after year and it comes here with a strong team. . Main data may be found visiting this link.

Geschasster LMU lecturer: the pure doctrine.

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The international relations are the subject of the PhD political scientists. He was employed between 2001 and 2005 nearly two years at the GSI. As of 2007, he was then six years employed as a teacher for special tasks, the jargon also: Lecturer. However, it was not a treaty which fixed that, but seven consecutive fixed-term contracts. In August 2013 then was for the time being. The Ludwig-Maximilians University (LMU), to which belongs the GSI, the seventh contract expired and will no longer deal with auth. Auth but argues for himself, that the science contract law in his case allowed To find no application at all. His task was to convey political foundations in the Bachelor’s degree. That’s why he was a teacher and not a scientist in the sense of that special law, the time limit was thus ineffective. Indirectly, auth calls so that several of his fellow of lecturer at the GSI have a permanent contract – like him. And why are they going auth, the popular lecturer, whose whereabouts is the student in a petition makes for strong? The LMU not answered the question with reference to the protection of personal data. . For extended data regarding this topic check

The inventor of the “net neutrality” descends into politics in upstate New York.

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Tim Wu is famous among all experts and digital users, even those who do not know him by name, because he coined the term "net neutrality". But now it is becoming also famous in politics, which is likely to force the Governor of the State of New York Andrew Cuomo to choose it as his Deputy.   Let’s take a step back. Tim has 42 years old and is the son of a taiwanese immigrant, who had fought with secret departments engaged in conquering the island’s independence. He studied law, became a professor at Columbia University, and in the digital world is known for inventing the concept of "net neutrality" that internet traffic should be treated the same way. In other words, providers and Governments cannot give precedence or discriminate against users based on content, platforms, applications, and especially the money they spend. The Internet should retain its neutrality, allowing all data to flow in the same way.   It is a fundamental concept for the freedom of communication on the network, which right now is under discussion in the United States, where after mergers and acquisitions made by giants such as Comcast, the Federal Communications Commission said it is considering the possibility of allowing those who pay more to have the fastest channels.   Wu is a Paladin of "net neutrality", but now has turned his popularity technique in a progressive political agenda broader. In New York, in particular, accused the moderate Governor Andrew Cuomo of betraying its original programs on topics such as ethics, tax benefits, immigration and the possiblity of fracking to extract the gas. Then she challenged, joining Fordham University Professor Zephyr Teachout, to constitute an alternative Democratic ticket to be presented to the party’s primary next September 9. Teachout has no chance to succeed as a candidate for Governor, because Cuomo is too much stronger than him. Wu instead got the backing of the New York Times, which has refused to support Cuomo, and has a good chance to beat Kathy Hochul, a conservative democratic that Andrew has chosen as his Deputy.   Tim has launched a progressive door-to-door campaign, which currently sees ahead. If it continues so it could beat the Hochul, forcing Cuomo to change their ticket and take it as Deputy. It would not only be a personal victory surprising for a professor who so far had dealt only with academic matters, but also a signal that Cuomo, who perhaps would oblige him to review in a more progressive programs.   . For extra data on this subject read

Medical certificates and amateur sport, this year we risk chaos.

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Medical certificates and amateur sport, this year we risk chaos. The Dl to 2013 has cancelled the obligation of medical certificate for recreational activities recreational exercise (for example free swimming or gym) but nonetheless over the past year the structures have continued to apply for the purposes of registration. And the risk is that this year too despite the law citizens are forced to pay by 30 to 50 euro for a certificate that is not needed. The gyms do not feel protected–despite the clarifications of the Ministry the doubts remain. No doubt that should be almost disbanded as regards certificates for non-competitive sporting activities (those organised by schools, as part of the Swiss Constitution and activity of student games provincial or regional level) which are arriving new guidelines. The certificate will be required and will have annual validity. The electrocardiogram, however, must be made at least once in their lifetime (from 60 years once a year). But how to choose the right sport for children? -First, up to 4 or 5 years old, learn to perceive their bodies in space, so open to team activities and specialized activities. This sports path ideal for toddlers, according to experts of Ospedale pediatrico Bambino Gesù in Rome who, during the resumption of the school year, prevent applications for many parents with a series of recommendations designed to help you choose the best for their children. Swimming remains the ideal sport for children-Even preschoolers swimming remains the ideal sport for children. In addition to this, up to 7-8 years would be good to let them enjoy activities such as athletics or gymnastics, in which the young learn how to use your body in space and to improve coordination. neuromotor Athletic, fun aspect commitment and team spirit are the virtues of collective sports like football, volleyball, basketball. Generally, though, explain the experts, children are ready to be appreciated only after 7 years. Beyond the 9-10 years you can bring even more specialized disciplines, requiring for example the contemporary use of a tool, as is done in fencing, tennis and archery, which encourage, in particular, the ability to concentrate. . Inspirational facts may be read visiting this

Erding: Farewell forever.

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A historic moment – from sadness but no trace staff Colonel Markus Alder, the Commander of the air base in an interview with says erdinger SZ: this is not a sad occasion, but rather a proud moment. The employees are proud of the fact that we have successfully repaired so many aircraft. Now it is matter to keep the appointment on 16 September. On that Tuesday because the fly with a family feast is celebrated, invites the airbase to the employees, their families and friends of the site. It should be a happy day, you want to not think about the future: the decision has been taken already end of 2011, says also Lieutenant-Colonel Carsten Diers, who works in the repair. The staff had long time to come to terms with the farewell. And this farewell has been a new beginning for some employees: at the end of the year that up to forty employees should be enabled, currently engaged in the repair of complete aircraft. You arrive at Manching, where soon tornadoes be – repaired however No more by the Bundeswehr itself, but by the company Airbus, in collaboration with air force officers. A system, as it has been practiced in the more modern Eurofighter from the outset. Still, the reduction of jobs is progressing slowly, but steadily. If no aircraft are flying more soon, also the airfield is No more needed and desecrate. Then is just a concrete runway in the grass, says the Colonel. You need no fire department and no one then more in the tower. And this in turn has consequences for other areas: the military shrinks, for example, or the building fuse, simply because fewer soldiers on the ground to stop. Now all buildings are No more needed, they were already on the BIMA, which passed the Bundesanstalt für immobilienaufgaben, then sells the land in the future. In the coming years there will be then two further steps, so the Colonel, that the number of employees in Erding shrink will let, until the base is completely closed in the year 2019, then: If the staff of the rehabilitation centre, which service is currently single aircraft components such as weapon systems and drives, move to Manching, and the material Depot, in which many civilian employees work, is resolved. I can soldier staggered, Colonel Alder says, as it continues but with the civilians, he doesn’t know that. More than 800 work on the airfield, and all can not be in the Bundeswehr. Anyone who has the opportunity to To find something the can go out says Alder, although he could still need the employees. By 2019 the Bundeswehr can offer definitely nothing in Erding. How many civilian employees will be then left and need a job, the Colonel could overlook now Not yet that. At the Fliegerhorst goes so all his ordered way, to the complete closure of the facility in five years. But a question can not answer Colonel Alder: how to do it with him even further. He was until this year on his post after only a year in Office was his predecessor Thomas Hambach: I’m gone relatively quickly here, but not hope that I am gone again soon so he says. I want the Association to accompany a longer piece. Maybe he is experienced to the last Colonel of the Erding. . For extra information regarding this topic click

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