European elections: Oettinger denounces euro skeptical tones of the CSU to

Brussels / Munich – Mal shoots the CSU against the bureaucracy in Brussels, sometimes against poverty immigration in the EU (slogan "Who is cheating who flies"). I do not like all: Günther Oettinger, Christian Democrat and EU Commissioner for Energy, criticized the euro skeptical tones of his sister party in the European election campaign with [...]

Meteorologists: “If it's raining earlier, a hole annoys you in the knee”

In the basement there is a supercomputer – almost as big as a city block. But on the table beside Dorothea Paetzold is a neatly drawn by pencil map, next to a pencil eraser. Paetzold makes the weather. The meteorologist working at the German Weather Service (DWD) in Offenbach. She and her colleagues create several [...]

+ + + Ukraine-Newsticker + + +: majority in the East against accession to Russia

The U.S. wants to increase its military presence in Poland according to a report in the "New York Times". In the coming week, the two countries would announce the deployment of U.S. ground troops, the Polish Defence Minister Tomasz Siemoniak says according to the newspaper. Accordingly, the measure is part of an expansion of NATO [...]

Crisis in Ukraine: Russia confirms troop reinforcements to the Ukrainian border

Russia confirms troop reinforcements to the Ukrainian border: Last week, NATO published images that should prove that Russia has reinforced its troops in the border regions of Ukraine. The denial from Moscow followed promt. The pictures were taken in August 2013. Now, just days later, Moscow admits the first time that more troops have been [...]

The Souletine Masquerades, carnivals dancing at the foot of the Pyrenees

The Souletine Masquerades place for four months, from February to May, rituals, a kind of carnival combining burlesque shows and dance in the heart of the Soule (French Basque Country), smaller but not less in cultural quality of the seven provinces that make up the Basque Country on both sides of the Pyrenees. Every Sunday [...]

Women: you become more mothers wives after the birth of a child?

A gynecologist for over thirty years in the Department Obstetrics, after the birth of my first daughter said to me, "the woman, after maternity leave, it becomes more mother than a wife." At first I remained skeptical and took it as an exaggeration. With time, the experience, the stories heard and experienced firsthand, I often [...]

All the lives of Gabriel García Márquez

He smoked like a chimney and honored, at age 23, many conquests and two gonorrhea. He wore a mustache winner monk sandals and floral shirts, dress allocation less than eternal financial embarrassment, the future Nobel Prize winner, who then drew for for any gazette, gained 3 pesos per item per day, time where he commanded [...]

Keystone Pipeline: Washington pushes its decision, angry Republicans

The U.S. administration on Friday extended consultation period the Keystone XL pipeline between Canada and the United States, reporting a probable de facto final decision on this project politically explosive after the elections in November. To justify its decision, the State Department cited a dispute before the courts of the State of Nebraska (center), through [...]

Natural cosmetics: 4 100% food recipes to remake a low-cost beauty

Is all that is eaten is primarily to be swallowed with our sharp palate (and believe me, I paid the price -. Especially since I chose my profession, hehe) But, but. . . and if you are interested this time the wonderful food that nature offers us to feed our body from the outside envelope [...]